• An expensive mistake!

    We hyave just completed a full wek without any one in the family being ill!!! I have been bidding for various items on ebay and am now the proud owner of an inflatable canoe (sse photo). I was fascinated with a programme Paul Heinne had done for Anglia TV. He canoed along the lost rivers… Continue Reading

  • A New Car

    Well having trawled many garages, looked at lots of cars, Jamie at last acquired his new car via our next door neighbour! Ian is a salesman for the local Ford dealer in town and we visited the showroom to ask for some advice. The garage had a Peugot 106, 25000 miles and 02 plate and… Continue Reading

  • A New Year

    A Summary: I took my mother back to Yorkshire on the day before New Years Eve and returned to Harborough the same day. She had found having a houseful of people quite tiring, she is used to nodding off in a chair at the drop of a hat or sitting quietly reading the paper when… Continue Reading