A New Car

Well, over the last few days we have trawled many garages, looked at lots of cars, and Jamie has at last acquired a new motor, courtesy of our next-door neighbour! Ian is a sales rep for the local Ford dealer in town, we visited his showroom to ask for some advice. Luckily, the garage had a Peugeot 106, with 25000 miles and 02 plates, it was far too much for Jamie’s small savings. However, Ian offered to buy the car for Jamie at no profit (it seems he is allowed to buy four a year). That took £1000 off the price which put it in Jamie’s price bracket. He is now driving it! The insurance was ridiculously expensive, so he is paying for that in monthly instalments.
The colt’s side I coach took on Worcester at the weekend and unfortunately lost in a very tight match. They were a little overawed at playing such prestigious opposition and didn’t do themselves justice. But we celebrated well into the early hours, and I acquired a humdinger of a hangover.
Sarah got an ‘A’ for maths in her GCSE mock exam, and we are very pleased. To relax she is going to Charlotte’s at the weekend.
Sue has been feeling a bit off this week (probably in sympathy with all the rain we have had recently). I had a dose of the Winter Vomiting Virus throughout one night!!!!!!! Hence, I had to have a day off school.

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