A New Year

A Summary:
I took my mother back to Yorkshire the day before New Year’s Eve and returned to Harborough the same day. She had found having a houseful of people quite tiring, she is used to nodding off in a chair at the drop of a hat or sitting quietly reading the paper when she wants. However, there was none of this when there are eight (and occasionally more) in the house, especially with a 1-year-old. She decided to home for some peace and quiet.
We stayed up late to see in the New Year, annoyed the neighbours with some very noisy fireworks and drank a large amount of bubbly before retiring to bed. Jamie missed the family celebration as he was at a friend’s party, sent a text message and didn’t get home until after breakfast.
New Year’s Day saw Charlotte and Suraj leave for Derbyshire. As a Christmas present, Sue and I had booked them into a Pub in the wilds of the Peak District for a few days of R & R. Of course, we had the benefit of looking after Lucas (which really was our plan!) They came back refreshed, and Lucas still recognised them.
Over the festivities, Sarah and Sue both managed to catch the flu bug that is going around Harborough.
On Saturday I went with Jamie around local garages to look for a new car, (there weren’t many that interested him). That afternoon I watched the Colts being beaten by Towcester and whilst in the bar afterwards, Sue ran to tell me that Jamie had crashed his car. Apparently, he had skidded and hit a tree doing no more than 15 miles an hour (really?) whilst driving along a field road. Thankfully, no one else was involved and Jamie was fine. The car was a write-off.
Fortunately, he had a friend who lived just half a mile away and I managed to drive his very sick car to a spare patch of land that his friend owned, and at least it was off the road. Before we left it, he gutted the car of its stereo and everything valuable and I took him home.
Sunday morning was spent looking at more cars (a lot more urgency this time), and the afternoon was spent putting his car onto a trailer and taking it to a local scrap merchant, for which he got £50.
As he doesn’t have any wheels, we have seen a lot of Jamie recently, he is being quite pleasant though sheepish. His boss has to take him to work and bring him home. The next time he is sitting with me whilst I am driving, I don’t think he will criticise my driving skills quite so much!
Charlotte and Suraj have finally decided where they will get married. After much anguish, they decided on Zanzibar. So, on the 2nd of September, they will be married on a white sandy beach on an island off the coast of Africa. For their honeymoon, they will be flying off to the Maldives. It is now all booked, and the ring has been bought, all I have to do is see if we can afford to be there with them. What happened to a nice quiet church wedding in the UK and a week in Skegness?

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