We survived!

Christmas Eve: Everybody arrived, all the presents are under the tree (next year, we will have to hide them away, again). The weather was miserable. We all set off to Kettering to play our annual Christmas Tenpin Bowling competition. Nan stayed at home with Lucas, we were not sure who was looking after who? As usual, the bowling was great fun, though I am sure I would have had at least 10 more strikes if I hadn’t been barracked by that bunch of irreverent yobs called the Palmers! We got back home at around midnight, managing to be in bed and fast asleep before Santa arrived.
Christmas Day: Everyone was up quite late (8.30am). Breakfast went quickly, and then everyone took up their positions ready to receive their gifts from the Postman (Sarah). Again, we all did very well, the pile of parcels seemed the highest ever. Lucas enjoyed playing in the boxes, no doubt next year he will be a postman. Christmas lunch was lovely (Cooked by Sue’s fair hands) and so was Christmas tea. We all watched a DVD on the big screen in the evening, all except Jamie and Suraj had an early bedtime, they stayed up late to watch a film.
Boxing Day: Again, we all got up quite latish before zooming off in heavy traffic to Peterborough for an afternoon of greyhound racing. We had a lovely (though not profitable) time, eating, drinking and losing lots of £1 bets. We even saw Santa who came over to us to have a chat about how mean Bookies are, and we agreed with him. Unfortunately, as we were about to leave, a jovial Suraj gave an excited but tired Lucas a little bounce up and down on his shoulders only to be greeted with an outpouring of the little boy’s stomach contents onto the floor in front of him. Very embarrassing and took a great deal of cleaning up!  Naturally, we left a little later than planned. During the evening we watched another DVD about a French rat that could cook. Reminded me of a meal Sue and I had in Paris and the rats running around in the alley at the side of the restaurant.

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