Up to …….. Christmas Eve?

Monday saw everyone else in the family busy engaged in secret things of their own. In the study, dining room or bedrooms, a rustling of paper, a zip of Sellotape and a scribbling of pens could be heard. I bought, wrapped and put my presents under the tree weeks ago! What a good boy am I?
On Monday Sarah and I went carol singing with the school choir around the town, it was a very cold and Christmassy night.  There was a very good turnout of accompanying parents and we collected £110 for charity.
Tuesday, I went down with tonsilitis, it was hard to swallow, and I had a cold and a headache. That evening, Sue and Sarah came to see the school Carol Concert held at the town Baptist Church. It was very atmospheric, the choir were superb, the Infant Nativity Tableau was angelic, and the parents again turned out in good numbers. Afterwards, the staff and I went to the Angel Hotel for our annual Christmas staff dinner. It was a surprisingly amusing evening, with everybody in good spirits and the food was good. However, I left after the meal as I was struggling with the cold and throat.
Wednesday was the last day of school and despite feeling as if at death’s door, I went in. I probably wouldn’t have done so if I had class responsibility. The staff kindly presented me with gifts during the afternoon assembly. It was a strange feeling standing in the front of the school being presented with gifts as I am the one usually doing it. It felt very awkward. Though grateful, I didn’t feel like smiling and I managed what I hoped didn’t look like a grimace. I went to bed as soon as got home.
On Thursday I went to see the doctor and he gave me antibiotics and advised me to go back to bed (and I did). On the same day, Jamie had his staff Christmas Party at a rather smart restaurant in town (He took Lara).
Friday was another bed day for me (feeling a bit better). Not sure what anybody else did.
On Saturday, Charlotte went to Nan’s and took her back to Newark. Sue took Sarah to Charlotte’s and then ferried Nan to Market Harborough. Sarah stayed to babysit for Charlotte and Suraj. I had another day in bed but managed a couple hours downstairs.
On Sunday, not much happened, the family mooched around and chatted amiably, anticipating the coming festivities.
On Christmas Eve morning, Charlotte, Sarah and Lucas came to Harborough. Suraj was due to join us later in the evening when we will be off to go Tenpin Bowling until around 11pm in Kettering. It’s a good way to spend Christmas Eve.

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