Up to …….. Christmas Eve?

Monday saw evrybody busy doing secrety things on their own. In the study, dining room or bedrrooms, a rustling of paper, a zip of sellotape and a scribbling of pens. I can’t think what everybody was doing, I had bought, wrapped and put my presents under the tree weeks ago! Also, on Monday I and Sarah went with the school choir, Carol Singing around the town. It was very cold and Christamassy. We collected £110 for charity and had a very good turn out of accompanying parents.
Tuesday saw me with tonsilitis, hard to swallow, cold and a headache ( abit like being a Headteacher!!!!). Sue and Sarah came to see the school Carol Concert at the town Baptist Church. It was very atmospheric, the choir were superb, the Infant Nativity Tableau was angelic and the parents turned out in mass. The staff and I went to the Angel Hotel after the Concert for our staff do. It was very funny and the food good, but I left after the meal as I was struggling with the cold and throat.
Wednesday was the last day of school. I went in, but I probably wouldn’t have done, if I had class responsibility. The staff kindly presented me with gifts in the afternoon assembly. It was a strange feeling standing at the front of the school being presented with something, I am the one usually doing it, it feels so awkward. I went to bed as soon as got home.
Thursday was see the doctor day (got antibiotics) and go back to bed. Jamie had his staff Christmas Party at a smart restruant in town (He took Lara).
Friday was another bed day for me (a bit better). Not sure what anybody else did.
On Saturday, Charlotte went to Nan’s and brought her to Newark. Sue took Sarah to Charelotte’s and then Sue brought Nan to Market Harborough. Sarah stayed to baby sit for Charlotte and Suraj. I had a day in bed and got up for a few hours.
On Sunday, not a lot happened. Everybody mooched around and chatted.
On Christmas Eve, Charelotte, Sarah and Lucas came to Harborough during the morning. Suraj is due to join us later in the evening when we will be off to play Tenpin Bowling untill 11pm in Kettering.

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