• 4th blogg from Thailand

    During this holiday, we have driven further north and west than we have done in the past, as we are nearing the end of our stay, we decided to go south a few days ago and explore there. We managed to get as far as Ban Saphan. A remarkable place, the scenery is stunning, and… Continue Reading

  • 3rd blogg from Thailand

    I got up early this morning to send the blog of our latest adventure; yesterday we drove down to San Rioa National Park (South of where we are staying) and there we managed to climb a mountain and explore a cave system. It was extremely humid and through the exertion, I sweated at least 2… Continue Reading

  • 2nd blogg from Thailand

    ┬áThis week we have been a lot more active, we now have a car (Toyota Saluna) with the necessary air conditioning. We have visited a few of our favourite beaches, and they are still as lovely as ever, except for a beach up north where there are statues in the sea and the locals visit… Continue Reading

  • 1st blogg from Thailand

    ┬áThe plane left Heathrow on time (9.45pm) and the flight was excellent. EVA operates brand new 777s with the latest entertainment technology, we could choose to watch videos, etc. when we wished, and we all had personal screens. This meant Sarah and Jamie were occupied for the entire flight, even Sue and I managed to… Continue Reading

  • The Return

    Another long flight via Bahrain (mercifully a short stopover this time, just enough time to visit the loo and a long march from gate 2 to gate 32, about a mile away, why do you need such a huge terminal for a small desert kingdom?) We landed just after midnight and caught the shuttle bus… Continue Reading