1st blogg from Thailand

 The flight left Heathrow on time (9.45pm) and the flight was excellent. EVA operate brand new 777’s with latest entertainment technology, so you could choose to watch videos etc. when you wished, and we all had personal screens. Sarah and Jamie were occupied for the entire flight, even Sue and I managed to watch a couple of films in between eating and sleeping.
We flew into the new Bangkok airport (they have been having trouble with it, it is sinking) and I must admit I preferred the old one. We had to queque for ages to get through passport control, something we never had to do in the past. We had a mini-bus to ourselves for the journey south to Cha ‘am, and the journey took half an hour longer as the new airport is on the wrong side of the city. Anyway, we played I spy for 3hrs, with one stop for the loo and an ice cream.
We are staying in a chalet in the hotel grounds, quite large, very quiet and peaceful, all we can hear is the little brats next door (Jamie and Sarah!). We have stayed at this hotel for the lasy 8 years (I think) and have been in most of the room types over the years, but Sarah and I think this is the best, Jamie and Sue are still making up their minds.
So far we have done very little to eat, sleep, walk and talk. We have met quite a few friends from past years, unfortunately Sarah’s friend Charlotte left on the following day that we arrived, but her grandparents are still here (I am looking forward to getting old, one day, and then I can send the grandchildren home!!!!!) We all did go and have a massage, I must be getting relaxed because I nearly fell asleep. Today we had a walk to one of favourite eating places and then had dip in th pool and half an hour on the jetskis, the sea was rather calm so it was more fast than exciting. The resort is very quiet, it is low season and we are used to the peace and solitude, but this year seems exceptional. We were talking to Wan (she owns a restaurant, and is Sarah’s favourite Thai, she keeps cats and dogs and Sarah has been friends with her since she was 9yrs old) and she said that this is the quietest she has ever seen business. It is surprising as there is a lot of money being spent on developing the area, and a lot of building work is being done. I shall have trip into Hua Hin tomorrow and arrange for a car, and then we can go and visit our old haunts and see what has changed (if anything).

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