The Return

Another long flight via Bahrain (mercifully a short stopover this time, just enough time to visit the loo and a long march from gate 2 to gate 32, about a mile away, why do you need such a huge terminal for a small desert kingdom?) We landed just after midnight and caught the shuttle bus to the carpark (the carpark was the cheapest I could find, so it was 15mins away). We found the car, set the SAT NAV, and it took 2hrs to get home (in a very quiet, sleepy car).
Luckily, Harborough was still there and so was the house AND undrowned. Jamie, Sarah and I climbed into bed, Sue said she wouldn’t be long. I woke up at 7.30am to find Sue on her 2nd load of washing (how does she do it!), Jamie was up and about, he had spent the time playing with his new phone (hooking it up to his laptop) and Sarah was still fast asleep (there are 2 sensible ones in the family at least).
Daylight showed:
Loft overflow, still leaking – fixed that with a £1.15 new valve.
Telephones not working – fixed that with a mobile call to BT who sent an engineer around half an hour later ( a tree had taken a dislike to my line and had cut it!).
Lawns had gone mad – fixed that with a £5 donation to Jamie.
My camera charger couldn’t be fixed – fixed that with a hunt through the bits and pieces box I have at home, to find, yippee, another charger and it works!
Pool gone green – fixed that with a vacuum hose, chemicals and an hour of walking around and around in a circle.
Jamie went for a ride on his moped and came back an hour later with a broken machine, it had given up the ghost in Farndon and he had to push it all the way back – not fixed (and won’t be for another 4 weeks).
Guinea pigs still alive – found out that by driving Sarah over to Roger’s (He is looking after them).
On return I noticed Sue limping, on inspection she has a rather nasty infected big toe, she said it was a small blister that had gone funny. Today she WILL visit the doctor and get some antibiotics (we fly again in 3 days).

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