3rd blogg from China

The other day we had a Treek into the interior of the island to explore a rainforest. It was an organised tour of about 20 other Brits and a guide. The bus was on its last legs and the journey seemed to take an age, but at least I managed to have a kip between the bone crunching wrenches caused by the non-existent suspension and inferior road surface, which was all concrete (probably because tarmac would melt).  The trek itself was interesting because  we appeared to start at the top of a mountain, but kept on walking uphill! The path itself was all along  wooden walkways off the forest floor (it was a protected area). The creatures and plant life were not new to Jamie and Sarah so they quickly got bored and raced on a head, eventually goading a Scittish Celtic supporter into a a race up into the forest. The Scot lost, and looked like he was in need of a cardiac resuscitator afterwards. Of course there were big spiders and and the sounds of exaotic birds and large  (which we didn’t see). Though there was a lot of sweat produced and a very poor packed lunch consumed it turned out to be an interesting enough day. Even though the tour guides (Chinese) thought they could sing and treated us to several Chinese Folk songs on the return journey, luckily it was a polite bunch of Brits (no lager louts) and we cheered appropriately (I think in the right places).
We have been doing quite a lot of shgopping. It really is the best place I have been to go shopping in. There are such bargains, and you CAN buy anything you could wish. I bought another pair of trousers, Sarah some clothers and swim costrume, Sue some nice things as presents, and Jamie would have bought something bright and shiny, but he preferred to stay with the new found love of his life; Chantelle.
Today, Sarah and I sepnt a couple of hours in my favourite bar watching an elaborate Chinese wedding on the beach. The poses that were taken for the album were quite unusual/inspiring/romantic/naff. The groom and bride were dressed all in white and did make a very pretty picture. There must have been many a Yuan spent on this wedding. Sue contented herself reading her book on a sun-bed on the beach and Jamie was with Chantelle, somwhere, not sure, don’t want to go there. I may have to share a plane seat with her parents!!!!
We fly back tomorrow and are due in rainy Manchester at 1.10am on Tuesday. The weather forecast is not good and we just hope that the country has not sunk, well not the bit that is around Heathrow,  as we fly from there on Saturday.

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