• Is this the end?

    With the death rate now bobbing along close to the base lane of the pandemic curve and production of an effective vaccine likely within six months or less, are we seeing the end to COVID-19? The Spanish Flu in 1918, ripped around the planet in several waves, eventually killing between 20-50 million unfortunate souls. We… Continue Reading

  • Rambling on.

    09/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 10 die in the UK. Sue rose at 5am and was at the gate for 6am attending the first Saddington car boot since last season. Naturally, there were strict rules in place on moving around the site and on approaching the stalls. She reported that unusually, only a few… Continue Reading

  • Pandemic Wandering

    Crewe Hall Hotel 04/08/20¬†After testing positive for coronavirus 89 have died in the UK. Two massive explosions – one of which appeared to be sparked by the other – have rocked Beirut, destroying buildings and causing a mushroom cloud to rise above the city’s skyline. Initial reports claimed the blasts were focused on the Lebanese… Continue Reading

  • New Normal?

    25/07/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 61 have died in the UK. The Government imposed an immediate two-week quarantine for anyone returning home from Spain, including its islands, last night following new outbreaks of corona-virus which prompted Spanish health officials to warn of a potential second wave of infections.¬† On a day of sunshine and… Continue Reading