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We survived!

Posted in Uncategorized on Dec 27, 2007 by David Palmer
Christmas Eve: Everybody arrived, all the presents are under the tree (next year, we will have to hide them away, again). Weather miserable. We all set off to Kettering to play in our annual Christmas Tenpin Bowling competition. Nan stays at home with Lucas, not sure who was looking after who? The bowling was good, but I again would personally had at least 10 more strikes if I hadn’t been barracked by that bunch of irreverent yobs called the Palmers! We got back home at around midnight and went to bed waiting for Santa to arrive.
Christmas Day: Everyone up quite late (8.30am). Breakfast, then everyone took up their positions ready to receive their gifts from the Postman (Sarah). We all did very well this year, the pile of parcels seemed the highest ever. Lucas enjoyed playing in the boxes, no doubt next year he will be a postman. Christmas Lunch was lovely (Cooked by Sue’s fair hands) and so was Christmas Tea. We all watched a DVD on the big screen in the evening, and all except Jamie and Suray had an early bedtime.
Boxing Day: Again, we all got up latish. Zoomed off to Peterborough for an afternoon’s greyhound racing. We hada lovely (though not profitable) time, eating, drinking and losing bets. WQe even saw Santa and he came over to have a chat about how mean Bookies are, we agreed with him. As we were about to leave, Suraj gave Lucas a little bounce up and down at the wrong moment, and  Lucas contibuted to the floor decorations. We left a little later than usual. In the evening we watched another DVD (about a French rat that could cook, I thought all French cooks were rats!).

Up to …….. Christmas Eve?

Posted in Uncategorized on Dec 24, 2007 by David Palmer
Monday saw evrybody busy doing secrety things on their own. In the study, dining room or bedrrooms, a rustling of paper, a zip of sellotape and a scribbling of pens. I can’t think what everybody was doing, I had bought, wrapped and put my presents under the tree weeks ago! Also, on Monday I and Sarah went with the school choir, Carol Singing around the town. It was very cold and Christamassy. We collected £110 for charity and had a very good turn out of accompanying parents.
Tuesday saw me with tonsilitis, hard to swallow, cold and a headache ( abit like being a Headteacher!!!!). Sue and Sarah came to see the school Carol Concert at the town Baptist Church. It was very atmospheric, the choir were superb, the Infant Nativity Tableau was angelic and the parents turned out in mass. The staff and I went to the Angel Hotel after the Concert for our staff do. It was very funny and the food good, but I left after the meal as I was struggling with the cold and throat.
Wednesday was the last day of school. I went in, but I probably wouldn’t have done, if I had class responsibility. The staff kindly presented me with gifts in the afternoon assembly. It was a strange feeling standing at the front of the school being presented with something, I am the one usually doing it, it feels so awkward. I went to bed as soon as got home.
Thursday was see the doctor day (got antibiotics) and go back to bed. Jamie had his staff Christmas Party at a smart restruant in town (He took Lara).
Friday was another bed day for me (a bit better). Not sure what anybody else did.
On Saturday, Charlotte went to Nan’s and brought her to Newark. Sue took Sarah to Charelotte’s and then Sue brought Nan to Market Harborough. Sarah stayed to baby sit for Charlotte and Suraj. I had a day in bed and got up for a few hours.
On Sunday, not a lot happened. Everybody mooched around and chatted.
On Christmas Eve, Charelotte, Sarah and Lucas came to Harborough during the morning. Suraj is due to join us later in the evening when we will be off to play Tenpin Bowling untill 11pm in Kettering.

The Loooooong Journey!

Posted in Uncategorized on Dec 16, 2007 by David Palmer
Family news is that Philippa and Paul got tickets for the Led Zeppelin Concert this week. They camped out and maganged to get the VIP treatment by being on the front row next to the stage. They were interviewed by the media and had their photos in several national newspapers.
I lost my mobile phone last week-end and after a whole week of searching I found it on Saturday. I had dropped in the garden next to the shed. This week we have had torrential rain and frosts most nights. When I found it, it was frozen into a puddle. I took th battery out and put it on a radiator to dry out. When the battery was replaced, itr worked!!! It still has some condensation inside, but continues to function properly, I suppose I should send an email to congratulate the manufacturers.
Sue actually had one day off school this week. She looked tons better because of it. She has been carrying a chesty cough for weeks now and passing it back and forth between herself and a class of children doesn’t help.
 (it was a barking cough!)
Sareah is quietly getting excited about Christmas and keeps checking under the tree to see if there any presents for her. Sue and I left her on her own on Friday (we went to see a film called Zodiac) and I think she enjoyed the responsilbility as we didn’t ring home once to check on her.
Jamie decided to go and visit nan on Friday. He said he knew how to get there. He didn’t borrow the SatNav or take a map. The journey normally takes 1hr 15 mins. He got lost and took 5hrs 30 mins. He had to ring Charlotte from Mansfield to ask for directions (Sue and I were at the cinema) on how to get there. Nan stayed up until he arrived. He came back on Saturday (after I had explained the route). He won’t be doing that again in a hurry.
This week-end I bottled up my Sloe Gin in readiness for the annual Sloe Gin Compett#ition, next Thursday. It is a bit tarty and I don’t think will do very well, but I have  great hopes for my pickled onions, especially the Chilli onions I have made (very impressive flavour, best eaten last!).

Christmas is coming.

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Monday saw Sarah and I go to DeMontfort Hall in Leicester to watch the ‘Chairman’s Concert’, which had the school choir participating. Another brilliant night, the choir is really very good, it is a shame that they can’t see and hear themselves sing when they perform. Sue is still workingf full time and had lesson plans to prepare so couldn’t accompany us ( I ahve that after Christmas to look forward too).
Jamie had a few days in Birmingham, he was working at the NEC at another Fashion Show, he seems to enjoy himself, but  he is a man of few words and you can never tell.
Nan is fine and I think getting excited for Christmas. She has already volunteered to look after Lucas when we go ten-pin bowling on Christmas Eve (family tradition).
Sara cooked a salmon dish at school on Friday, she got another ‘A’ , but because she doesn’t eat fish (apparently, it tastes disgusting), she brought it home and Sue and I had it for tea (veryt nice).
On Saturday we went to Newark for Lucas’s first birthday party. The weather was terrible; wet, windy and cold. Just like the day he was born. Lucas is now very much not a baby, toddling about, getting into mischief and flashing (to every one he approves of) a very disarming smile. Of course, he preferred the boxes to the actual contents of the presents and cxrawled in and out of them while the grown-ups got out the spanners and screwdrivers  to amuse themselves with that British tradition of ‘let’s see how much of a muddle we can make of this without reading the instructions!’ Charlotte had taken charge of the party foo (so their was enough to feed the population of Newark) and I think Suraj had taken charge of the drinks (so their was enough to drown them!), luckily Sue and one of the neighbours helped oput by quaffing most of a case of Asti. Considering whose birthday party it was, Lucas and his friend Hamish (who unfortunately is going to acquire an unfathomable scottish accent from his dad when he grows up) did the sensible thing and allowed the grownups to take over the party themselves. We left for home when Lucas went to bed around 8pm.  I judged that this 1st birthday party wasn’t going to stop just because the host had fallen asleep, and that Sunday was going to arrive before the neighbours left. It was a difficult journey home for Sue, apparently the car seemed to be constantly moving. She retired not quite so gracefully to bed as soon as we touched down in Harborough.  Brilliant party, lovely neighbours and friends, not sure Lucas yet knows how to conduct himself properly at parties, but their are encouraging signs (he did throw up once!).

Getting Ready For Christmas

Posted in Uncategorized on Dec 2, 2007 by David Palmer
Another hum-drum week for everybody, the only significant difference being the chageable weather.
On Friday, Sarah helped me with the School Christmas Fayre, we sold tickets for the Christmas hamper and made nearly £100.
On Saturday, I watched the Colts beat a Northampton side. Luckily we scored an interception try at the end to snatch the win (we didn’t deserve it). I also bought 300 crackers for school parties.
On Sunday, Sue drove to Worcester to meet up with Phillipa, to exchange Christmas presents and have a natter. The weather was miserable on the way down but perked up when she arrived. Worcester was very busy.
Sarah and I had chicken and chips for Sunday lunch (made jointly), Jamie drove to Northampton for a chinese meal (bet it wasn’t as good!) I drove to Corby and bought a few Christmas presents, I usually leave prezzy buying until Christmas Eve and panic. It must be the influence of being Head?