• We survived!

    Christmas Eve: Everybody arrived, all the presents are under the tree (next year, we will have to hide them away, again). The weather was miserable. We all set off to Kettering to play our annual Christmas Tenpin Bowling competition. Nan stayed at home with Lucas, we were not sure who was looking after who? As… Continue Reading

  • Up to …….. Christmas Eve?

    Monday saw everyone else in the family busy engaged in secret things of their own. In the study, dining room or bedrooms, a rustling of paper, a zip of Sellotape and a scribbling of pens could be heard. I bought, wrapped and put my presents under the tree weeks ago! What a good boy am… Continue Reading

  • The Loooooong Journey!

    The family news is that Philippa and Paul got tickets for a Led Zeppelin Concert this week. They camped out and managed to get some VIP treatment by being in the front row next to the stage. They were also interviewed by the media and had their photos in several national newspapers. I lost my… Continue Reading

  • Christmas is coming.

    Monday saw Sarah and I go to DeMontfort Hall in Leicester to watch the ‘Chairman’s Concert’, we had the school choir participating. It was another brilliant night, the choir were exceptional, it is a shame that they can’t see and hear themselves sing when they perform. Sue is still working full time and had lesson… Continue Reading

  • Getting Ready For Christmas

    Another hum-drum week for everybody, the only significant difference being the changeable weather. On Friday, Sarah helped me with the School Christmas Fayre, we sold tickets for the Christmas hamper and made nearly £100. On Saturday, I watched our Colts beat a Northampton side. Luckily, we scored an interception try at the end of the… Continue Reading