• A Walk in the Wyre forest

    A pretty humdrum week of work, work, work for all of us.¬†Sue put in another full week, Sarah busy at school, Jamie busy in the work shop and at College and I murdered a few more trees. On Friday I and four other friends drove over to Highley in Shropshire, to have our annual walk.… Continue Reading

  • Poor Lucas

    Lucas was taken into hopspital this week with a urinary infection. He was put on a drip and kept in overnight, he must have been very poorly. Charlotte stayed with him, but didn’t get much sleep, as would be expected. Charlotte and Lucas were coming to stay for the week-end while Suraj ripped up floorboards… Continue Reading

  • Hardly any blogg!

    Not much to report on this week. I did waste a lot of tax payers money attending¬†a full day course to Certify as a Residential Leader (Lunch was good). I have a certificate from 5 years ago, but I was contacted by County Hall who informed me that the School had no certified person on… Continue Reading

  • A Long Week

    It;s been quite a long week. Refrees meeting in Leicester on Monday night, PTA meeting on Tuesday night, Governors meeting on Wednesday night, training the Colts on Thursday night and Rugby Club Fireworks dipslay on Friday night. On Saturday I agreed to referee Harborough versus Anstey. I was a little concerned that I would last… Continue Reading