Hardly any blogg!

Not much to report on this week.
I did waste a lot of tax payers money attending a full day course to Certify as a Residential Leader (Lunch was good). I have a certificate from 5 years ago, but I was contacted by County Hall who informed me that the School had no certified person on the staff, my certificate was out of date and that if any class wished to leave the premises for any reason we would be illegal until someone was certificated. No one on the staff volunteered, I pointed out to County Hall that I was retiring at the end of the year and that the new head had the certificate and woul be arriving in January. County Hall said it made no difference someone had to go on a course. So ……….. I went on the course and was duly informed that there was now no time limit on certification and I was still valid!!!!!!!! However I did learn something, it is now legal for all those children going on a residential trip to pay for those that go on the trip, but, whose parents refuse to pay (which is an evre increasing number nowadays). I bet no school publicises that.
I did get some good news:
1. Having tried, badgered, insulted, threatened, co-erced various authorities to eventually agreeing with us that one of our children would be best educated ina special school. Much to the relief of everyone relief, particularly the parents and class teacher. Why does it take so many meetings, paperwork, phone calls and letters to get something done that is so painfully obvious. I wonder if this only happens in education?
2. After only one letter to a local charity, it  has agreed to send a mum and her son away on holiday over Christmas and buy the lad some Christmas presents. Why? because they deserve it and I explained that to them on one side of A4 paper.
My step brother David, sent me an email this week (made me quite jealous). He had been to Bulgaria recently and had bought himself a house (witrh swimming pool). It is in a beautiful part of Bulgaria (we went there once), in the mountains, in a village, very peaceful. He and Genya intend to sell their house in Lincolnshire and move out there, returning when they feel like it.
I went to Nan’s this week-end. We visited David and looked at photos of the house etc. I picked the rest of the onions I had planted last spring and weeded the garden. We had Sunday Lunch at the Thurcroft Hotel (Carvery & £4.95). The owner recognised me, and in true Yorkshire fashion had within 3 minutes weedled my whole life history over the last 30 years out of me. She was in my primary class all those years ago. I didn’t recognise her, but obviously I have changed very little since the age of 11.
Charlotte visited Nan on the Monday and they had lunch. She informs me that Suraj has had a pay rise.
Sue has worked all week, and has committed to work every day for the next two weeks. One school wants to tie her down to a contract, but sensibly she is saying no. She doesn’t need all the meetings, courses and paper work that goes with that.
Jamie hasn’t been seen with Lara recently and when he brought home his exam results from college which stated merits and a distinction I offered to take him and Lara out for a meal to celebrate, he said not to bother about Lara. I wonder who’s next to cross the doorstep?
I haven’t seen Sarah much this week, but she is still lovely (for a 14yr old). She reads these!

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