A Long Week

It;s been quite a long week. Refrees meeting in Leicester on Monday night, PTA meeting on Tuesday night, Governors meeting on Wednesday night, training the Colts on Thursday night and Rugby Club Fireworks dipslay on Friday night. On Saturday I agreed to referee Harborough versus Anstey. I was a little concerned that I would last the pace as I haven’t run at all since the summer holiday. It was ok in the end, as there were so many errors in play I was blowing the whistle regularly enough to recover in between plays. I would have struggled if the two sides had been better. We watched a video (Ghost Rider) on Saturday night and then I went to bed. Sue woke me up at 10.00am with a coffee, but I fell asleep again. In painted a window today and that is going to be it for the week-end.
Sue has worked all week. One of the staff at Church Langton was off with a bereavement so Sue covered. Then another school rang in late on the one day she was free, and she went in. One evening she even went on a fire extinguisher course. I made a very nice curry that night (if I say so myself), even Jamie remarked on how good it was. Sue was too tired on Friday to go to the fireworks with Sarah and I and she had an early night. 
Jamie is still with Lara. He went out on Saturday night to a night club in Northampton. He said he had a good time, but expensive! I don’t think he took Lara.
Sarah had a busy week. Sge had Mock GCSE’s at the beginning of the week. She has studied hard for them, and doesn’t seem worried, so I suppsoe that is a good sign. She mnade a curry at school and promised me that I could have some for tea on Friday night. But, she ate it all!!!!!!! She did get an ‘A’ for it and I would have liked to have gauged it against trhge curry I had made on the Thursday night. I wonder if that was an ‘A*’? I bet it was.
Charlotte is still trying to sort out wedding plans for next summer. I believe she is going to see  nan on Monday. Lucas is nearly walking, he only needs to hold one finger and he can totter a few steps. The nightmare will soon begin!

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