• Moving on?

    Way back in June 2007 my nephew Simon Wadsworth inspired me to begin a family blog. As many do after leaving University and before starting a life of work and sensibility, he was back-packing his way around the world. As a way of communicating with friends and relatives he wrote a blog. It was through… Continue Reading

  • Hero and Heroinne in the Southsea.

    The weather has remained cold, with a confusing combination of sun and bitter breeze. Once tempted to venture outside you soon return to the guaranteed warmth of a wood-burner. The papers inform us that it has been the coldest March on record (glad we were away for most of it!) On a the Tuesday Sarah… Continue Reading

  • Cold

    Since being back both Sue and I have had awful chest colds. Neither of us was inclined to leave the house as the weather outside has been bitterly cold, with some snow falling for at least a little while each day. We saw Charlotte and her family the following day after she had taken the… Continue Reading