Moving on?

Way back in June 2007 my nephew Simon Wadsworth inspired me to begin a family blog. As many do after leaving University and before starting a life of work and sensibility, he was back-packing his way around the world. As a way of communicating with friends and relatives, he wrote a blog. It was through reading about his many adventures, both highlights and mishaps that I felt I could share in his experiences (from the safety and comfort of my study). After a good read I would often end up thinking, ‘I would love to do that’ or occasionally ‘I wouldn’t have done that.’ It was a resolve to keep the family abreast of what each of us have been up to, which has led to me sitting down at a computer at infrequent intervals and tapping on a keyboard. Much of what I write is gleaned from our Friday Curry night family meetings, but I also delve into Facebook and I try (often failing) to make a note on my online calendar of family happenings. Fortunately, when I miss something out or just plain get it wrong, there is always the facility to quietly apologise and edit. Well, after 6 years of settling down to the routine of work, Simon has resigned his job, shouldered his back-pack again and flown off to China. You can read about Simon’s fascinating journey of discovery here: Simon’s journey

Since returning from our drug-run to Southend, the weather has perked up quite a bit and fingers crossed, we may have the start of spring. Annoyingly, the garden seems to be de-nuded of tulips. I suspect that the culprit may well be a hungry fox with a taste for exotic flavoured bulbs. I checked google and it doesn’t appear there are many foxes that have this ‘tulip’ tooth. But, I have little holes where all my nice bright red tulipa should be! What ever it is doing the ‘deed’ it knows that my daffodil bulbs will poison it, so I still have all of them. Thankyou.

On Monday morning I had a blood test that had been re-scheduled from March and then took Nan for a blood test later on for her monthly Diabetes check. Sue went for lunch with Lynne Keane.

On Tuesday, after having lunch with Nan, Charlotte came over with the boys. I had them while the women of the family went into town to buy a pair of slippers (took 3 hours). The men of the family went on an ant hunt, during the time it took to NOT chose a pair of slippers we hunted down and incarcerated 22 deadly and dangerous ants in as many plastic cups. They were then placed in an ant farm that Sarah had made up from a commercial kit.

On Wednesday Charlotte and Suraj went to Fawsley Hall (overnight) for a bit of pampering. Sue Sarah and I looked after Lucas and Ellis. During the day Sarah and Sue took them to a play park in Corby while I mowed the lawns (first cut), dug over the small vegetable patch, hoovered the pool out and chopped a pile of wood. They returned early as Ellis had thrown up in Sue’s car. Sarah took Lucas for a bike ride and I looked after Ellis, but he didn’t want to do much. They were both fast asleep in bed that night for 8pm. At 2am Sarah brought a crying Ellis into our bed, he soon settled down. At 5 am my neck suddenly got very warm and wet. Ellis had not released the entire contents of his stomach during the afternoon, he had chosen to do that on my pillow. Sue and I were a bit tired when the sun came up, but Ellis slept.

Last Thursday, at 9pm we had a surprise visitor. Lee arrived to see Sarah. He stayed around half an hour (he had brought a friend along for company) and then drove back to Nottingham. I suppose he must be quite keen on our little girl.

Friday was Thai night. Green and red curries with fish cakes. Everyone seemed fit and healthy, even Ellis kept his food to himself.

Saturday saw Sarah drive up to Nottingham to stay at Lee’s until Monday, when she was returning to Uni. I attended a re-union Rugby Club lunch. Past players from the Kibworth RUFC days met up and enjoyed each others company. The food was excellent, the 1st Team game against Vipers was also first-class, even though there was torrential rain during the second half. That evening we entertained Jim and Brigit, we sank a couple of bottles of wine and watched the video I had made of Brazil.

The following Monday was a warm day. After getting the results of my blood test (normal) I went to the allotments and planted some onions. I had already started tomatoes in the propagator and also sown lettuce etc. in pots in the greenhouse. As the weather improves I can feel the sap starting to rise!

Earlier on in the week I had discovered that the husband of a past colleague at school had passed away. Like me, he was keen on his bike and I would often see him pedaling his way around the town, though I must confess that the last few times I saw him he did look very unsteady and cycled rather erratically. Sue and I will be attending the church service this coming Friday. Yesterday, Nan gave me the news that my cousin Thelma (named after Nan and a year younger than me) had been found on the kitchen floor by a friend and had been rushed into hospital. She had been to see the doctor previously because she had caught the nasty chest bug going around and she was having difficulty breathing. She was put onto a life-support machine. That evening the family had an awful decision to make. After being switched off, Thelma passed away some 6 hours later. She has 4 sons. I haven’t seen Thelma for many years and my memories of her are of many happy times playing up on Brymbo Mountain down by the lake as youngsters with the rest of the (quite large ) Prydderch family. She was the eldest in the family, and will be sadly missed.
Thelma Poole

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