• Alarming Wind!

    It has been windy all week, with one day of rain. On Monday, Jamie’s fire alarm went off again. I received a panic phone call at around 7pm and promptly set off to see what could be done. Again I failed to beat the two fire engines, which already had arrived several minutes before. But… Continue Reading

  • Sarah’s 18th Birthday

    Today (Monday) is Sarah’s 18th birthday. Yesterday she and Charlotte went to Eden Hall for a day of pampering and a spa. Quite naturally they had a lovely time and came back looking quite clean. Tonight we are having a Chinese birthday banquet at home with the whole family to celebrate. Sue managed a couple… Continue Reading

  • All quiet on the Western Front.

    The weather has taken a little turn for the worse, things have got a little chillier and a bit damper but unlike the Spanish we haven’t had an earthquake yet! Sue spent Monday, Tuesday  and Thursday afternoon in school. I offered to help out with a science afternoon on Friction, but she wisely refused my… Continue Reading

  • Rain at last!

    Lee cam to visit Sarah on Monday. It was a surprise visit and she was at Charlotte’s, so he had to go there.  He took her out for a meal and then left early evening. After his 2 weeks holiday Jamie returned to work on Tuesday. At around 7pm I got a call from him… Continue Reading

  • Beer, Bin Laden and a Wedding

    On Tuesday I took Lucas’s  electric car over to Rothwell so that he could use it there instead of on the occasions he came to Harborough. While I was there I wired the Alarm Control into the hallway. When I returned to Harborough I watered the allotments (not rained for 2 months now!). On Wednesday… Continue Reading