Rain at last!

Lee cam to visit Sarah on Monday. It was a surprise visit and she was at Charlotte’s, so he had to go there.  He took her out for a meal and then left early evening.

After his 2 weeks holiday Jamie returned to work on Tuesday. At around 7pm I got a call from him asking me to come over as his fire alarm had gone off and he couldn’t stop it. I set off straight away. I jumped in the car and set off. I had to stop outside the entrance to Sainsbury’s to let 2 fire-engines pass me , they were going somewhere in a great hurry. Arriving outside Jamie’s apartment block I noticed the two engines parked outside and unwinding hoses. All the residents seemed to be outside looking up at the windows. I didn’t see Jamie. I had keys so I set off up the stairs and was passed by several firemen coming down. On entering the apartment I saw Jamie and his fire alarm hanging from the ceiling. It seems he was having a shower when the fire-alarm went off, he got out of the shower and rang me, then was greeted by two firemen coming into his apartment (he was starkers). How the fire alarm came to be hanging from the ceiling I have no idea and don’t wish to know. I attempted to push it back into its hole but it wouldn’t go. I left with Jamie ringing one of his mates arranging to go out later that night. As I drove away I was passed by 2 fire-engines slowly returning to their station.

Brandweer Witmarsum Iveco Ziegler 02-5734

On Wednesday Sue went for lunch with Lynn Brown and caught up with all the gossip. Sarah started back at Robert Smyth School. I watered the allotments. I met Roger on the driveway as I was on my way to the dump to take some grass cuttings. He was returning the scarifier he had borrowed. It was broken. All the tynes that rip the moss out were missing (it’s what happens when you run it over concrtete/tarmac). He didn’t know how it happened, but I bet his driveway is clear of moss.  I took it to the dump. He was picking up Fran from the station later in the day, she is staying for 10 days. I wonder if he will bring her around?

Thursday, Sue went to work and I went to the doctors to get the results  from my ultra-sound scan. However, as I was putting my socks on to go to the doctors, something went in my lower back. Excruciating, is the only phrase I can think of to describe it. I managed to get Sarah to school and attend my appointment, as expected the ultra-sound was clear, but he arranged for another scan. I am not sure what for as I was in quite a lot of pain and wasn’t listening. He checked my back over and told me to take some co-codamol tablets to take the pain away and return in a couple of weeks. We shall see.  Sarah went to Thorpe Park with Harley, Jamie and Jamie’s friend, they got wet in the log flume and had a very nice day (so I am told)

On Friday Sue went to work again and Sarah, Charlotte and kids went to the farm park for the afternoon. As I was going to the Rugby Club Annual Dinner that evening, the ladies in the family (and kids)  ordered a Chinese takeaway. Suraj was working all night counting voting slips for the local elections and so wasn’t able to take part. Despite the pain in my back I managed to enjoy the evening and through the miraculous wonders of local ale, I walked home.

It rained yesterday and again this morning. Great for the garden, especially as I can’t pick up a watering can. Forecast like this all week and warm as well.

Today,  Sue woke up with a bilious migraine, I still have pain in my back and Sarah has gone to work at Savers. Damn those French!

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