All quiet on the Western Front.

The weather has taken a little turn for the worse, things have got a little chillier and a bit damper but unlike the Spanish we haven’t had an earthquake yet!

Sue spent Monday, Tuesday  and Thursday afternoon in school. I offered to help out with a science afternoon on Friction, but she wisely refused my help, thus avoiding any family friction issues.

On Monday afternoon I drove our next door neighbour (Doreen) to Leicester General Hospital to visit her husband (Peter) who is not very well.  He looked fine, but is due to have an operation on Friday to remove something they put in a few months ago and is not working properly. We stayed about 4 hours.  I popped around on Thursday with some cucumber plants to find out how he was getting on. Unfortunately he isn’t having his operation on Friday and it is now scheduled for Monday.

On Tuesday Sarah drove us over to Rothwell. Lucas and I then planted 8 sunflowers  in the garden that he had sown in pots earlier in the spring.  Sarah drove  as she was going line-dancing with Charlotte later in the evening. Suraj, Lucas, Ellis and I watched 2 episodes of the Simpsons before I drove home.

On Wednesday Jamie invited us around for tea. That is exactly what we got, except I had coffee. We spent an hour talking about his gerbils and how to clean an apartment etc. His fire alarm was still dangling from the ceiling, but nobody referred to it. We left after about an hour as no food seemed on the horizon. He rang again today and invited Sue over for a cup of tea. She stayed a couple of hours and the visit consisted of a lesson on how to clean skirting boards, what you use to wipe surfaces down with and a discussion on Hoovers and why they stop working when the dust bag gets full. She had a cup of tea.

On Wednesday night I took Sarah to see a film called ‘Hanna’. Excellent film, well worth seeing, particularly if you are a fan of the Bourne Trilogy. We had panic stations when we got home as she couldn’t find her mobile phone. After much wringing of hands, wiping of tears and dashing around, I decided to check where she said she had put it (and had checked at least a dozen times) and there it was. We got to bed at midnight!

On Thursday, Charlotte had Vodaphone over for a friendly chat on returning to work and I played pool in the evening at the Catholic Club.

Friday was Curry Night.  Two curries were created: Chicken Tikka and a Chicken Vindaloo (both exceptional). The Rothwells came, and later in the evening Jamie turned up and scoffed the Tikka. He is quite worried that he is eating too much junk food and is going to make an effort to eat healthily,  he should have had the Vindaloo as that would have cleared him out!!!! Lee arrived at about 11pm.

Sarah and Lee went to London for the day.  Sue had booked them both on a coach trip from Corby to see a show (Chicago), shopping and a visit to China Town. They got back at around 10pm. Sue went to the cinema to see ‘The King’s Speech’, she was supposed to be going with Brigitte but she wasn’t feeling well so Sue went on her own. I watched Tigers beat Saints on the TV at the Rugby Club. There was a Harley Davidson weekend going on there and the place was full of hairy bikers with tattoos. Harley was serving behind the bar.

Today Sarah spent the day working at Savers, Sue had a phone call from Gwenda who lives in Canada and I managed to get 4 tickets for The Aviva Premiership Final at Twickenham on the 28th!

Ouch! But they are good friends now.

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