• Hot and Spicy!

    The internet is sooooooo slow here, but the weather and scenery make up for it. It has been very hot during the last few days, sensibly we have been moving around pretty slowly ourselves, trying to keep to the shade. Last night we went into Stone Town and actually had a meal that I can… Continue Reading

  • Tortoises

    The weather is quite glorious here, not as humid as in the Far East, you can cool down in the shade. The sky and sea are just a perfect blue, such a difference from the awful weather we had back in England. Yesterday we had a boat ride over to Prison Island (though it has… Continue Reading

  • Nightmare Journey but we got there!

    Early Thursday morning we packed the car and set off for Heathrow at around 12.30 pm. The journey went well with little traffic until around twelve miles from the airport, the traffic slowly backed up and then came to a stop with around six miles to go. We sat watching aircraft fly over the motorway… Continue Reading

  • Forgotten Walk

    This week Sue, Sarah and I went on a family walk to Fineshade Woods organised by Harborough Council. I was late catching the bus outside the Market Place in town as earlier I had been refereeing a soccer match at school and had to run the mile between home and the bus, I did it… Continue Reading

  • What a horrible summer

    Having the time to write this blog means that it is yet again raining! I was going to cut the hedge, mow the lawn and clean the pool, I did manage to trim the hedge between showers, but the trimmings are now scattered along the driveway as it is too wet to collect them and take… Continue Reading