What a horrible summer

The fact that I have sat down to write this means that it is yet again pouring with rain outside! Today I was going to cut the hedge, mow the lawn and clean the pool, I managed to cut the hedge between showers, but it is scattered over the driveway as it is now too wet to collect and take to the dump. In past year, we have been lucky enough to be away on holiday for all of the summer. Watching on BBC World the awful weather this country has from far away hasn’t prepared me for actually suffering it (I remember my childhood being filled with lovely warm sunny days). There is no point in ranting on about what we wanted to do these last few weeks and couldn’t because of the cold, rain (drizzle) or wind, so I shall get on with chronicling what we did get up to.
The other week I went via Newark to Nan’s. Charlotte loaded the car with a pile of Lucas’s bedding and pram that he is too old for now. As Charlotte said; It is too good to car boot and it might come in handy for the next one and besides you have a big loft to store it all in. Are you having another one? I asked. We no plans, was the reply. It is all now in the loft, just in case somebody decides to plan. Lucas has Chicken Pox, he is all spotty but otherwise he seems quite healthy. At Nan’s I weeded the garden and cut back some bushes before taking her back to Mkt. Harborough. I put her batmobile in the back of the car so she could get about.
Nan stayed for a couple of weeks and though the weather was rubbish she did zip down into town most days and had her hair styled on one occasion. I managed to do a few more miles along the Jurassic Way (see photos) with Roger. We walk, then stop for lunch, Sue comes and picks us up afterwards. It very enjoyable, mostly because the weather is usually OK on those days, and the Jusssic Way isn’t really very challenging.
Sarah has been meeting friends in town, shopping with Sue and working on various projects for her schoolwork. She is a member of the local Cinema Club Committee and has meetings each Wednesday (quite grown up).
Sue has been busy cleaning and picking vegetables and fruit from the garden (made a lovely rhubarb crumble the other day).
Most days I get a call from friends to come and fix something wrong with their computers. I used to hate this and would often put it off as I was too busy. But, now I have the time, I have found I really quite enjoy connecting people to the internet, fixing WiFi problems, recovering deleted photos from computers and SD cards and of course making better, computers that are really very sick and virus ridden. Last week I popped into school to see what was going on. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Outside was a skip full of computers, inside was an awful lot of new computers and other computer paraphernalia. Cost an absolute fortune, I wonder where the money has come from? Wasn’t there when I left. I ascertained the computers were being sent to landfill and I dug out a couple of Pentium 4’s that were less than 2 years old (I am typing this on one of them now). I have quite enjoyed connecting it into my present system and have spent many a rainy evening, tiddling about with bits of kit.
Jamie has been enjoying work. He did finish the pelmets he was making for us, eventually. We have seen a lot of Harriet, she appears to be good for him and keeps him on a tight rein. At the moment she is on holiday in Croatia (2 weeks) so Jamie is now back to his erratic ways. Yesterday he announced he had bought some new car seats, off ebay, and was going to fetch them ……. from Brighton! He left at 10.00am and got back at 8.00pm (we had invited friends around for a glass of wine). He said he was a bit tired, but set about putting them in. They do look quite good (Cobra), and he appears to have made a good job of it. Now, where do we put his old seats. This entry is a bit like ‘There’s a hole in my bucket dear Liza’, because they they also are going into the loft, because we have a lot of space there and he doesn’t need them now, but they may come in handy if he sells the car. Are you selling your car? I ask. No plans he says.

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