What a horrible summer

Having the time to write this blog means that it is yet again raining! I was going to cut the hedge, mow the lawn and clean the pool, I did manage to trim the hedge between showers, but the trimmings are now scattered along the driveway as it is too wet to collect them and take them to the dump.
This past year, the family has been lucky enough to be away on holiday for much of the summer months. Watching BBC World Service on a foreign TV gave us a brief insight into the awful weather the UK has been suffering from, but it wasn’t great preparation for what has been happening since returning. I fondly remember my childhood filled with blue skies and balmy sunny days.  Well, there’s no point in ranting on about what we have been prevented from doing these last few weeks, so I’ll get on with chronicling what we did get up to.
Last week I drove via Newark to see Nan in Thurcroft. Unexpectedly, Charlotte saw this as an opportunity to load my car with a pile of Lucas’s old bedding and pram. Her explanation was that they are too good to car boot and may come in handy for the next child and we had a big loft at Willow Bank to store them in. When I queried whether they were having another child she replied that they had no plans. They are now safely in the loft awaiting the fruition of a plan.
Lucas has Chicken Pox; when I saw him, he certainly looked very spotty but otherwise, he seemed quite happy and energetic. During my short stay at Nan’s, I weeded the garden and cut back some bushes before taking her and her mobility scooter back to Mkt. Harborough.
Nan remained with us for a couple of weeks and though the weather was rubbish, on most days she would zip into town to shop or on one occasion have her hair styled. I managed to do quite a few more miles along the Jurassic Way with Roger. We would walk before stopping for lunch at some wayside hostelry and afterwards Sue would come and pick us up. The Jurassic Way isn’t really a very challenging path but on summery days it has some fine scenery and a few surprises.
Sarah’s days have been filled with meeting friends in town, shopping with Sue and working on various projects for her schoolwork. She is now a member of the local Cinema Club Committee which have meetings each Wednesday (she is getting quite grown up).
Sue has been busy cleaning and picking vegetables and fruit from the garden (made a lovely rhubarb crumble the other day).
It has become quite usual for me to receive “Help!!” calls from friends to fix their misbehaving computers. When I was teaching, I used to hate calls like these and would often put them off, I was too busy keeping the school’s equipment running. But now I have the time and find it really quite enjoyable connecting people to the internet, fixing their Wi-Fi problems, recovering deleted photos from corrupt hard drives and SD cards and of course getting rid of the odd virus.
Last week, I popped into school, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. In the carpark was a skip full of computers and various associated bits of kit, much of it around a year old. The cost of them when new was a small fortune.  I ascertained from the caretaker that they were being sent to a landfill (quite illegal) so I dug out a couple of Pentium 4’s that were less than 2 years old (I am typing this on one of them now). I have quite enjoyed connecting them to my present system, spending many a rainy evening, tiddling about with these ‘old bits’ bits of kit.
Jamie continues to enjoy his carpentry. He eventually managed to finish the pelmets he was making for us and helped me install them. Recently, we have seen a lot of Harriet, she appears to be good for him and keeps him on a tight rein. At present, she is on holiday in Croatia for 2 weeks with her parents, so Jamie is now back to his erratic ways. Yesterday, he announced he had bought some new car seats for eBay and was going to collect them ……. from Brighton! He left at 10.00am, eventually getting home at 8.00pm to find we had friends around for a glass of wine. So, without my help, and though he was very tired, he immediately set about putting them in. On completion, they did look quite good (Cobra), and he seems to have made a good job of it.

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