• Busy, busy, busy!

    It has been quite a while since I had time to sit down and add to the family blog. As planned on the following day of our return from Zanzibar, with Sarah I met the married couple and their son at Heathrow airport and transported them to Gatwick airport, stopping for a while at the… Continue Reading

  • We are back!

    After the highlight of Charlotte’s and Suraj’s fantastic wedding, the rest of our holiday seemed to go a little ‘flat’, but, we did manage to pack in a full day of shopping in Stone Town on the following day. Sue didn’t accompany Sarah, Jamie and me as she had what we thought was a rather… Continue Reading

  • A Perfect Wedding

    It was two days ago that Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas travelled to see us, it took them over an hour by minibus, the roads are not great here, mostly dusty affairs with many police checks to delay any journey. It was lovely to see them and as it was Charlotte’s birthday, she had cards and… Continue Reading

  • First Day!!!!

    As is usual when on holiday, I had breakfast with the family then went to the gym to lose a few calories that I always seem to pick up when away from home. As I stopped off by the beach to look at the scenery before becoming hot and sweaty through some gentle physical exertions,… Continue Reading