We are back!

After the highlight of Charlotte’s and Suraj’s fantastic wedding, the rest of our holiday seemed to go a little ‘flat’, but, we did manage to pack in a full day of shopping in Stone Town on the following day. Sue didn’t accompany Sarah, Jamie and me as she had what we thought was a rather nasty mosquito bite on her ankle, which seemed to be infected and refused to stop weeping puss. It looked awful and was painful to walk on. She remained behind and read her book next to the hotel pool while we spread a few dollars among the local commerce.
We bought Charlotte a painting that she had admired when she came to visit us, and so as not to be left out we also bought a painting from an artist in the Old Fort for ourselves. After some hard bargaining, we had lunch in the Fort. Thankfully, later in the evening, Sue felt well enough to travel into Stone Town for dinner at a very good Indian Restaurant we had earlier discovered, the meal was excellent.
The following day we lazed around the hotel, paid the hotel bill and said goodbye to everybody.  Jo, one of the staff, was quite upset we were leaving and shed a tear. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the hotel and got to know most of the staff very well, they don’t usually have guests stay so long, usually just a few days for a beach break after or before a Safari on the mainland of Tanzania.
Our Check in at Zanzibar airport was horrendous, it was the hottest day of the year and we queued for an hour in the sun to get our boarding cards and pay the obligatory $30 tax each. The flight left on time and was quite pleasant. We had a 6-hour wait in Nairobi, but after what happened to Jamie’s case on the outward flight we worried about what the baggage handlers were doing to our luggage. We played cards sat on the floor of departures and the time passed fairly quickly. The Flight to Heathrow took 8 hours and we slept fitfully most of the way. We landed at 6.10 am.
As half-expected, our luggage did NOT arrive on the carousel. However, we were not alone. With the belt empty and after checking with the authorities, suddenly more baggage appeared, but not ours. After another 1.5 hours passed, randomly,  three of our suitcases appeared, but not Jamie’s! This provoked another trip to the lost luggage desk who then informed us that we would have to fill in a form along with half a dozen other people so that they could trace where it had gone. Then miraculously, while I was doing this, Sue went to check the carousel for one last time, and there it magically appeared!!!!! NO COMMENT.
We had no trouble extricating the car from the carpark or journeying back to Harborough. On arrival the house was fine and after a cup of proper coffee, we could relax. Tomorrow, at around 7.00 am, Sarah and I will drive back to Heathrow to pick up Charlotte and Suraj and transport them to Gatwick Airport so that they can catch a flight to the Maldives for their 2-week honeymoon. We shall take Lucas back to Harborough with us.

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