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Rain, rain, rain, rain!!!!!

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As the title suggests our British weather is truly living up to its reputation! As a child I remember hot sunny days that seemed to last forever. I remember lying in fields of daisies, buttercups or cowslips. I remember the redness of the poppies covering whole fields of corn, and the farmer harvesting his crops with dust and chaff floating up into a clear blue sky. I remember going for walks that lasted a whole day, on my own, and calling in at any house that I happened to pass, asking for a glass of water, hoping they would give me lemonade (and  often they would). I remember holidays at the seaside, when the seawater actually seemed warm, and it must have been because I spent all day immersed in it. I remember sitting on the wall at the end of the road with a notebook writing down the numbers of cars as they passed through the village, on a good day I might collect as many as ten. It never rained then.

Last Monday Sarah and I drove up to Nan’s. David turned up to pick up the burgled laptop that I had been ‘adjusting’ and I spent a couple of hours chatting while Sarah accompanied Nan to the hairdressers. When they returned, David left (he is returning to Bulgaria on Tuesday). We had lunch at the Royal Elephant in Dinnington before driving to Newark to see Ellis David. We stopped for there for quite awhile (I even managed to practise a bit of carpentry on the hall flooring). Ellis seems to by changing very time I see him, he is putting on weight, but that is not surprising with amount of milk he gulps down. Around 7pm we headed for Harborough (it began to rain).

Since then, the rain clouds have played a game of ‘I’ll catch you if I can’. You can look out of the window and it won’t be raining, the sky looks bright and the ground looks as if it is beginning to dry. Put on you out door shoes and take more than 2 or 3 steps outside and the first drop is felt on your head (well at least I feel it). Then within 5 minutes or so it is bucketing it down.

More Family News: Charlotte is improving slightly, but we are still concerned for her. Suraj has accepted the job in Thrapston and is committed to a long drive or a change of address. Lucas refuses to came back to Harborough to play with a very bored granddad. All the Newarks have now officially changed their names to Palmer-Shah, that should prevent confusion in the future. Sarah loves her new car and is doing well learning to drive, she did excellently on some hill starts the other day (Sue hasn’t plucked up the courage to sit with her yet). Her boyfriend Lee passed his test yesterday and I believe is coming tomorrow. Sue and I are drinking lots of life-preserving beetroot juice. I make it from the rows of beetroot growing in the garden that has been massively swollen due to all the moisture around.

I booked the flights for Nan, Roger and I to see David and Genya in Bulgaria. We go on the 10th of Sept. and return on the 19th. Booking travel insurance for an 82 year old is not easy, but I managed it at a cost. I also booked a stay at a hotel in Manchester for Sue’s birthday. She wants to visit her uncle Stan and I thought it would be nice to make an occasion of it (he lives in Manchester), we go on the 23rd of August.

Jamie has a friend called Tansley. Last week he very kindly he managed to get him a job at the place where he works. It  would help with the travelling expenses and as the pay is pretty good it would certainly improve the Tansley family circumstances (he has a wife and young child). Things did not go well when on the first day Tansley threw up 3 times (I can understand that, having driven Jamie there in the early days). I thought nothing of the comment when Jamie moaned that Tansley was really lazy, but this week Tansley got the sack (for being lazy). Quite often I don’t give Jamie credit for some of the things he does, but it was very kind of him to persuade his work to give Tansley a job and also he did try to persuade the guy to work and warned what would happen if he didn’t. Jamie turns up for work (12 hours a day) every working day, even when he is unwell. He has taken on extra responsibilities, he is now the Company Fire Officer and is on a Management course at Leicester College on Thursday Evenings and Saturday mornings. There are signs that he is growing up. He took Harley out for a Thai meal during the week. By all accounts it was a lovely meal and I think they have plans to go again.

Sarah and I went to see ‘Inception’ last night, a long film with a complicated and intriguing plot. Jamie was stopped in his car last night by the police and given a £60 fine for driving without MOT. It had only expired this week. Sue and I had forgotten our MOT’s earlier this year and they were out of date by 3 months, we weren’t stopped. We don’t drive a hot hatch with a boom box of an exhaust at 1.00am on Sunday mornings, there is a lesson there that I am sure will be missed. Sue and Sarah are going to ‘Twin Lakes’ today to meet Lucas and Suraj. Jamie and Harley were going as well, but Jamie now cannot afford it so is staying at home with Nan and Dad.

Charlotte and Suraj are looking into the possibility of a part-exchange deal with a National House builder who is building an estate in Desborough. It may solve the problem of having to move house quickly, it all depends I expect, on the deal they offer (but then it always does).

KA’s & DR’s

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Escape from Hospital

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As predicted by Suraj, Charlotte and Ellis David did leave Lincoln Hospital on Thursday afternoon. It wasn’t long before the phone rang and a request for the return of Lucas was made. Reluctantly we promised to bring him back the following day. The following morning when Lucas realised we were taking him home he was excited to see Ellis. He pointed out that I would have to play with Jamie now that he was going, but he would come back for Christmas.

On the way to Newark, we detoured via Leicester as on the previous day we had bought Sarah a car to learn to drive in. It is a Ford KA with 32 000 miles on the clock and is a trim and neat little car. It has twin airbags, air-con and a CD player as well as ABS. She fell in love with it when she saw it and after crawling under quite a few cars that day and throwing them about in a test drive to see what was wrong with them, I was pleased to find one without any rust or defects (crawling under cars wearing light coloured trousers had turned out to be an error in judgement!) We dropped the insurance certificate off at the garage so that they could tax it and we could pick it up on Monday. It was pleasing to see that they were washing and waxing it when we turned up.

When we arrived in Newark to greeted by Charlotte, Suraj, Ellis and a roaring fire (babies have to kept roasting, I am informed). Ellis was asleep and didn’t look babyish now (like a prune with slits). Later, he was opening his eyes while feeding, though not yet able to focus for long. He certainly has a healthy appetite and ‘wuffs’ his bottle down. Lucas was pleased to be back and immediately got his toys out and began to play interspersed between spells of looking at Ellis. Charlotte looks fine but walks everywhere very delicately. It will be quite a time before she fully recovers and has been given plenty of advice not to lift or exert herself.

Suraj had made a new computer for Sarah and disappeared upstairs to configure it, and I disappeared outside to finish off some painting and a bit of carpentry. The ladies did the ‘baby thing’, what ever that is, but mostly consisted of shouting at Suraj or myself every time we left a door open. I did fix the toilet door which had a very annoying habit of slowly opening while you were busy on the loo. (of course it happens to be just out of reach of the loo seat!!!!). Well now, it stays shut and one can ……………………………. brood in piece.

We left early that evening and had a quiet journey home, no singing ‘row, row, the boat’, no answering questions of what is that? every time we passed anything remotely interesting, and NO stopping to clean up any sick.

The future is going to interesting. Suraj has got a new job, in Thrapston (about 1.5 hours down the A1). Their house is up for sale. They have a new baby. Life isn’t going to dull.

Up and About

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Sue, Lucas, Sarah and I drove up to Newark yesterday. The weather forecast was good, but promised rain the rest of the week, so it seemed like a good idea to paint the outside of Charlotte’s house while there was a window of opportunity. We set off early and called in at Jewsons Tool Hire (which luckily was down the lane and just around the corner). When we arrived at Charlotte’s, Suraj had already left for the hospital. I have a key so there was no problem. The ladders arrived nearly straight away and I spent the day painting the house. Sue, Lucas and Sarah left at around 12.30pm to Lincoln after we had fish and chips (with mushy peas) for lunch.

The painting went well though I did have to go and get some sand and cement to make some mortar, as the chimney was decidedly ‘iffy’ and needed a lot of re-pointing before it could be painted. Some of the bricks lower down were badly corroded and benefitted from a ‘packing’ of mortar. The colour was a creamy yellow and when the sun came out, things got quite warm and I had to hunt out a hat to protect my bonce. I had a pleasant distraction when the farmer combined the field across the lane. I use the word pleasant because luckily a slight breeze was taking the dust and insects in the other direction. During the afternoon I was aware of a lot of knocking and banging next door, then a lady appeared and asked if we had a leak as water was pouring through their ceiling. I climbed down the ladder, searched through the house, everything was dry and as it should be. When I told the neighbour she scuttled off. A man with a clipboard appeared a couple of hours later and appeared to be giving an estimate (looked expensive as he was wearing a suit).

Painting the outside of the house was supposed to be a surprise, but as soon as Sue arrived at the hospital and made an excuse for me not being there, she guessed straight away. Sue and Lucas arrived back at around 5pm. Sarah had decided to stay at the hospital and travel home the following day with Suraj, who was going to Thrapston for a job interview in the morning (as I am writing this, she has just turned). I finished around 6pm and we had an uneventful journey home (Lucas wasn’t sick this time).

Charlotte is now able to get up and about. She can hold/pickup Ellis David and visit the loo herself, unaided. Her legs and feet are quite swollen and she doesn’t look as well as the other day. She went through the night and fed Ellis, though the nurses were there to take over if necessary, but were not needed. Suraj spends all day with her, but does find the hospital atmosphere quite hot and needs to go out for some fresh air regularly. The patients in the other beds seem to recycle regularly and Charlotte is the only one there long-term. Suraj seems to think that she may be out by Thursday.

Update 1

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Charlotte has managed to get out of bed twice today, though her legs have spasms and aren’t working properly. Suraj has been with them all day and I don’t think has managed to eat much, if anything, unlike Ellis who wants to gulp his milk down every 1.5 hours. They are trying to persuade him to go to a more reasonable 3 hours. I remember Jamie was the same and he turned out to be a rather podgy baby, not that you would believe it now.

Ellis is ‘perfect’ as stated in the most recent text from Charlotte, and as this afternoon I dropped his photo onto my desktop, I tend to agree. Charlotte is determined to get back to walking as soon as possible. Suraj informs us that she is on morphine for the pain and I think that perhaps it would be better to take things slowly until the healing process really kicks in and the morphine is not necessary. I am worried about her.

Charlotte had a friend from work visit this afternoon and I think that would have been something to look forward to, hospitals can be such boring places (speaking from experience) and visitors are a welcome distraction.

Lucas is a live-wire as always and Sarah and I took him on a bike ride today through an old railway tunnel, he loved that, but not nearly as much as when I pedalled as fast as I could through a stream (twice). He is still keen on playing Doctor’s and Sarah has been cured of every illness known to man and had to go to bed for a rest from all the medication during the afternoon. He then cured my poorly, knees, ankles, elbows and toes, then I went to bed for a brief recovery nap!

Charlotte has just rung, she is missing Lucas and wanted to talk to him, so they are having a chat while he is in the bath.