• Rain, rain, rain, rain!!!!!

    As the title suggests our British weather is truly living up to its reputation! As a child, I remember hot sunny days which seemed to last forever. I can vividly remember lying in fields of daisies, buttercups or cowslips. I remember the redness of the poppies covering whole fields of corn, and the farmer harvesting… Continue Reading

  • Escape from Hospital

    As predicted by Suraj, Charlotte and Ellis David did leave Lincoln Hospital on Thursday afternoon. and it wasn’t long before the phone rang and a request for the return of Lucas was made. Reluctantly we promised to bring him back the following day. When Lucas was told we were taking him home to see the… Continue Reading

  • Up and About

    Sue, Lucas, Sarah and I drove to Newark yesterday. The weather forecast for the week was encouraging, though promised rain towards the weekend, so it seemed like a good idea to paint the outside of Charlotte’s house while there was a window of opportunity. We set off early, calling in at Jewsons Tool Hire in… Continue Reading

  • Update

    Charlotte is still in the hospital. Giving birth has certainly taken a lot out of her, the lower back and legs are very painful making it difficult to walk, she managed to get out of bed twice today but her legs keep going into spasms and aren’t working properly. Suraj has her and the baby… Continue Reading