Rain, rain, rain, rain!!!!!

As the title suggests our British weather is truly living up to its reputation! As a child I remember hot sunny days that seemed to last forever. I remember lying in fields of daisies, buttercups or cowslips. I remember the redness of the poppies covering whole fields of corn, and the farmer harvesting his crops with dust and chaff floating up into a clear blue sky. I remember going for walks that lasted a whole day, on my own, and calling in at any house that I happened to pass, asking for a glass of water, hoping they would give me lemonade (and  often they would). I remember holidays at the seaside, when the seawater actually seemed warm, and it must have been because I spent all day immersed in it. I remember sitting on the wall at the end of the road with a notebook writing down the numbers of cars as they passed through the village, on a good day I might collect as many as ten. It never rained then.

Last Monday Sarah and I drove up to Nan’s. David turned up to pick up the burgled laptop that I had been ‘adjusting’ and I spent a couple of hours chatting while Sarah accompanied Nan to the hairdressers. When they returned, David left (he is returning to Bulgaria on Tuesday). We had lunch at the Royal Elephant in Dinnington before driving to Newark to see Ellis David. We stopped for there for quite awhile (I even managed to practise a bit of carpentry on the hall flooring). Ellis seems to by changing very time I see him, he is putting on weight, but that is not surprising with amount of milk he gulps down. Around 7pm we headed for Harborough (it began to rain).

Since then, the rain clouds have played a game of ‘I’ll catch you if I can’. You can look out of the window and it won’t be raining, the sky looks bright and the ground looks as if it is beginning to dry. Put on you out door shoes and take more than 2 or 3 steps outside and the first drop is felt on your head (well at least I feel it). Then within 5 minutes or so it is bucketing it down.

More Family News: Charlotte is improving slightly, but we are still concerned for her. Suraj has accepted the job in Thrapston and is committed to a long drive or a change of address. Lucas refuses to came back to Harborough to play with a very bored granddad. All the Newarks have now officially changed their names to Palmer-Shah, that should prevent confusion in the future. Sarah loves her new car and is doing well learning to drive, she did excellently on some hill starts the other day (Sue hasn’t plucked up the courage to sit with her yet). Her boyfriend Lee passed his test yesterday and I believe is coming tomorrow. Sue and I are drinking lots of life-preserving beetroot juice. I make it from the rows of beetroot growing in the garden that has been massively swollen due to all the moisture around.

I booked the flights for Nan, Roger and I to see David and Genya in Bulgaria. We go on the 10th of Sept. and return on the 19th. Booking travel insurance for an 82 year old is not easy, but I managed it at a cost. I also booked a stay at a hotel in Manchester for Sue’s birthday. She wants to visit her uncle Stan and I thought it would be nice to make an occasion of it (he lives in Manchester), we go on the 23rd of August.

Jamie has a friend called Tansley. Last week he very kindly he managed to get him a job at the place where he works. It  would help with the travelling expenses and as the pay is pretty good it would certainly improve the Tansley family circumstances (he has a wife and young child). Things did not go well when on the first day Tansley threw up 3 times (I can understand that, having driven Jamie there in the early days). I thought nothing of the comment when Jamie moaned that Tansley was really lazy, but this week Tansley got the sack (for being lazy). Quite often I don’t give Jamie credit for some of the things he does, but it was very kind of him to persuade his work to give Tansley a job and also he did try to persuade the guy to work and warned what would happen if he didn’t. Jamie turns up for work (12 hours a day) every working day, even when he is unwell. He has taken on extra responsibilities, he is now the Company Fire Officer and is on a Management course at Leicester College on Thursday Evenings and Saturday mornings. There are signs that he is growing up. He took Harley out for a Thai meal during the week. By all accounts it was a lovely meal and I think they have plans to go again.

Sarah and I went to see ‘Inception’ last night, a long film with a complicated and intriguing plot. Jamie was stopped in his car last night by the police and given a £60 fine for driving without MOT. It had only expired this week. Sue and I had forgotten our MOT’s earlier this year and they were out of date by 3 months, we weren’t stopped. We don’t drive a hot hatch with a boom box of an exhaust at 1.00am on Sunday mornings, there is a lesson there that I am sure will be missed. Sue and Sarah are going to ‘Twin Lakes’ today to meet Lucas and Suraj. Jamie and Harley were going as well, but Jamie now cannot afford it so is staying at home with Nan and Dad.

Charlotte and Suraj are looking into the possibility of a part-exchange deal with a National House builder who is building an estate in Desborough. It may solve the problem of having to move house quickly, it all depends I expect, on the deal they offer (but then it always does).

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