Too Much News!

A couple of weeks or so ago, I was writing what I thought was a rather lengthy but amusing blog, when the screen suddenly went blue and the computer began to buzz loudly. The hard drive had gone caput! Having written so much (the save draft facility doesn’t work when the drive is toast), I couldn’t face writing it again, so I went to chat to the apple tree in the garden about it.

Things I can remember:

Beetroot juice is good for you and I make a lot of it (can’t remember why).

Sue had a birthday and I took her to Manchester to see her Uncle Stan and we stayed the night in a dead posh Hotel (DeVere chain) and had an evening meal. Man. U. and Man. City players play golf there and have houses all around the grounds. The only satisfying thing is that 2 out of every 3 have a for sale sign outside.

I now have an allotment. Sue isn’t happy about it, but I am. Jamie is planning to build a house on it.

I eat a lot of Manuka Honey and I can remember why. It seems to be working, early days though, so I am reserving judgement. You will have to look it up if you want to know why, but I expect to out live Tutankhamen (but then most people have).

Ellis is growing quickly and will be following in his granddad’s footsteps (or side steps and crunching tackles) and be joining Harborough RUFC.

The Newarks are soon to be Desborians. Suraj has now got a job working for Northamptonshire Council. He finishes with Newark today and starts in Wellingborough/Thrapston/Kettering on Monday (a lot of driving). No doubt he will be staying with the grandparents during the working week. They have bought a new house in Desborough, though it is not built yet and have been given the exact date of a winter completion. Persimmon (the house builders) have bought (exchanged) their property in Newark.

Suraj and Charlotte are busy deciding on kitchens/doors/sockets etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Exciting for them, but boring as I have already got mine.

Jamie and Harley are still seeing each other, but that is all I know. I think he is keen to get a place of his own and has plans to move in with a friend who has a bungalow. But nothing seems to be happening. His car has new racing cams and now has a new oil cooler. It was quite traumatic how that got fitted, as it wouldn’t fit (at first). But it does now. Can’t face explaining how. But it involved a lot of oil everywhere.

Lucas’s hair is growing again.

Sue took me to see one of those boring period costume dramas. After half an hour she fell asleep (I did not!). If quizzed, she will say she was resting her eyes, but a head slumped on the chair in front, is a lot of resting!

Nan, Roger and I will be flying off to Bulgaria to see step-brother David tomorrow. I am looking forward to staying at David’s, but guiding  Nan through security, passport control and a budget airline fills me with concern. Especially, as Roger said he would keep an eye on her while I was sorting out a safe passage. Who I ask will be keeping an eye on him?

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