• Getting better

    Lucas spent the week in hospital. They didn’t have to graft any skin and with the morphine he seemed to be coping well. Charlotte and Suraj stayed with him though Suraj had to go back to work on the Wednesday. Lucas was allowed to go home on the Saturday afternoon. Sue, Sarah and I travelled… Continue Reading

  • Sad News……..

    Nan has been staying with us since Easter and she was getting restless and wanted to go home, so on Friday I took her back to Thurcroft. Sarah was doing a two day walk for her ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ on Friday as well, so was out in the wilds of Leicestershire hiking and camping. Sue… Continue Reading

  • Away Days!

    On Wednesday Sue and Sarah travelled down to Philippa’s in Devon. They had a lovely time, visted the sea (where Sarah destructed her mobile, so they bought a new one!). They visted a nunnery and bought me some Trappist beer and a pot of honey. The weather was good and they returned on Saturday. Jamie… Continue Reading