Sad News……..

Nan has been staying with us since Easter and she was getting restless and wanted to go home, so on Friday I took her back to Thurcroft. Sarah was doing a two day walk for her ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ on Friday as well, so was out in the wilds of Leicestershire hiking and camping. Sue and I had booked to see ‘Eastern Promises’ at the local Cinema (it was very good if not a lot gory) so I didn’t manage to take Nan back until 10pm, the motorway was quietish, we got there for around 11.30pm, and then straight to bed.
On Saturday we were having new doors fitted, they were arriving at 8.30am, so that meant I was up at 5.30am and driving south for 6am. They arrived on tiome and began work and I had to go off at 9am to a school soccer tournamet. We won one, drew one and lost one and the weather was sunny but cold. I got back for around 12.30 and was expecting to have a sandwich and then drive over to Deepings (about an hour away) with the Colts to coach them in a fixture, but I was lucky and the match was cancelled. Sooooooo I watched Tigers play Ospreys, aaaaaaaand I wish I had gone to Deepings! They were rubbish and deservedly lost. We then had a phone call from Charlotte to inform us that Lucas had been rushed into hospital. He had got into the bathroom where a bath with hot water was being run and had toppled in (it only takes a second). He has scalded his hands to just beyond the wrists. He was transferred from Newark hospital to the burns unit at Nottingham. The right hand doesn’t seem to be too bad but the left hand is causing concern. The poor lad is on morphine to control the pain and I am sure he doesn’t understand what is happening. It looks like he is going to be there for quite a few days. Charlotte and Suraj are distraught. Hopefully the Unit will work their magic and with luck this will become just bad memory and nothing more. We hope so.
Jamie has arranged to go to Bournemouth with a friend (male)  next week-end. It is his birthday and he will have reached the age of 19yrs. I would have taken bets against him doing that. He is quite excited and looking forward to it.
Simon has run in the London Marathon today. Philippa and Paul went down to watch him. We and Nan watched the TV to catch a glimpse of him, but we didn’t, not surprising with 30000+ runners.
Today I planted my carrots.

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