Away Days!

On Wednesday Sue and Sarah travelled down to Philippa’s in Devon. They had a lovely time, visted the sea (where Sarah destructed her mobile, so they bought a new one!). They visted a nunnery and bought me some Trappist beer and a pot of honey. The weather was good and they returned on Saturday.
Jamie was working, so until Friday I was on my own. Lonely and bored. Peter did come around for a while to show me how to sharpen the chain on my chain saw, but that was the highlight of those few days. I didn’t see Jamie much, as soon as he got in from work he went out again (to see Harriet).
On Friday I did go on tour with the Under 17’s to Brussels. We travelled by Eurostar from Market Harborough and It was a very quick and easy journey. We stayed in a hostel in the centre of Brussels (‘Sleepwell’, and I did!). The team played a side called Donde -Monde, who they beat 50:0. We sampled a few of the Belgian beers on offer. They say that you can drink a different beer on each day of the year and never repeat (I believe them). I enjoyed the tour very much, I think Sue and I should visit Brussels next autumn. I had instructions to bring back chocolates (which I did, for Sue and Sarah).
On Wednesday I travelled up to Thurcroft (via Newark to drop a load of logs I had cut for Charlotte’s fire) to fetch nan. We had lunch in the village and then went back to Newark to see Lucas (who for once didn’t have runny nose and seemed fit and healthy). We had fish and chips and then travelled back to Harborough.

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