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I think the summer is coming.

Posted in Uncategorized on Mar 30, 2009 by David Palmer
The last blog I wrote seemed a little depressing, thankfully this one will be more upbeat.
I did recover from the pulled hamstring only to suffer from a pulled calf muscle the next game I ref’d. And, in the game after that I twisted my knee. But, on Saturday I managed to get through the entire game without a single twinge (hooray), but it was absolutely freezing and the haistone storm we had, did sting (alot). Thinking back, I could probably broken both legs and  because it was so cold I wouldn’t have noticed. I must remember to only referee on cold days (much safer).
Sue and I went to a fancy dress party. I went as Elvis, and Sue went as one of Elvis’s many lady friends. We had a good time but we didn’t dance to the band they had as it was on a Saturday and I had pulled my calf that afternoon. But, the food and entertainment was good and my version of ‘The wonder of you’ with mock guitar was outstanding (so I say).
Sarah has been away to Belgium with the ATS. She was playing in the band, in Bruge. I could tell it was brilliant fun as she was very excited when she go back (and it wasn’t because she wanted to see dad!). Howver, she did bring back a lot of Belgian chocolate and whether this had something to do with her throwing up later on that night, I wouldn’t like to say. She hasn’t been too well since getting back, but has struggled on, even with swimming in galas etc. Yesterday, she was invited to go to RAF Kinloss (Scotland) next Wednesday, so we are going to say goodby to her again. She is busy getting her coursework up to date so that she can miss school.
Sue has been in and out of good health, she has a persistent cough that won’t go away (but at least you always know where she is!). Some days she appears fine, but on others she struggles. She has started to construct her family tree and she spends time on the computer inputting the information. She is gleaning information from relatives and occasionally drops snippets of information (that I don’t understand).
Jamie had a hole on his exhaust system, I put a temporary repair on it but it was tricky as it was where the oxygen sensor entered the system. I have arranged for it to be welded properly sometime this week. I didn’t know, but his car stereo belonged to his friend and when he got a new car he wanted it back. Jamie tried to put original stereo back, but he had lost the keycode to make it work (no comment). His solution was to buy an all singing and dancing new stereo. I must admit it is pretty good and doubles up as a handsfree phone, quite neat. However, he blew one of the speakers on Saturday, of course he couldn’t find his receipt (no comment). He did go to Santa-Pod the other week-end form Friday to Sunday. He and some friends camped out (it was quite a cold week-end). He had a good time and showed me some of the things he did and saw on his phone. John (his boss) was on holiday last week and so that left just Jamie and and Dan at the unit. He was home by 2pm everyday (when the cats way!) Jamie has had a few days of not being very well. It appears that Sue, Sarah and Jamie keep passing a bug between them, but it doesn’t come anywhere near me (hope it stays that way).
On the one scorching hot day last week, I went on a walk that I had been planning for ages. I walked along the disused railway line at the back of the house to Husbands Bosworth. It was a lovely walk, though a bit challenging in parts (see photos). I had lunch at the pub in Bosworth (steak and ale pie) and had a chat with a guy at the bar who just happened to play for Lutterworth RFC, which just happened to be the club that I was refereeing at, next Saturday. I just happened to accept a pint of beer from him (with no strings attached!) I am very impressed with my new bike, the wheels and tyres are exteremely easy to take off, which is an advantage as last Sunday I picked up 5 punctures on a 23mile ride I went on (mostly off road). This week I bought som Kevlar inserts for the tyres to prevernt future mishaps. The problem is that farmers now flail the hedgerows rather that cut them, this scatters thorns in very direction. As the bike shop owner said, it is good for trade! Yesterday I went around to my neigbour and complained. One of the children had lobbed clumps of soil into the garden and some of them had landed in the pool (I was not happy). Unfortunately, for him, his mum is very fierce and next Thursday I teach his class (ha ha).
Don’t know much about what is happening in Newark other than:
1. Suraj sold Jamie a new laptop and is keen to receive payment.
2. Charlotte had a hospital appointmnt about a rash that she seems to have picked up in the Maldives (don’t know the result).
3. Lucas seems to be bug free and is now potty trained (I wonder if the two are linked?)
4. Charlotte is intending to have a holiday with Sarah after she has finished her GCSE’s. I have prpomised to help out with the organisation.
5. Charlotte has applied to do some charity work for Mencap.
Nan is fine, and watching a lot of sport on the TV inbetween watching the potatoes and onions that I planted in the garden. She is still having her hair done each week and now appears to have added having her nails done, and I think she mentioned a foot massage? Not bad for some eh? I have my hair done about once every two months and have to cut my own nails.

Good news/bad news!

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The hamstring I pulled the other weekend, kept me out of refereeng the following week (so I watched the 1st’s at Harborough). The hamstring has much imnproved so I expect to ref this week, I also have a mid week game so it had better hold up. As I couldn’t run much, I have been using my bike a lot and I am afraid that being thrashed over fields/fences/ditches etc was too much for the old girl and the bearings started to go (just like mine!). I now am the proud owner of a new mountaing bike (Saracen Mantra 1). It really is the bees knees, but still gets punctures (one so far). Disc brakes front and back, front suspension, speed shift gears (24), comfy saddle and for the first time in my life, I own a bike with lights!!!! I also have a bike helmet (one that Aunty Hilda was throwing out).
Charlotte and Lucas came down on the weekend of my birthday, though the weather was quite cold and we didn’t get out much. On the Saturday, we went to a local pub that had  a Thai Food night, it was surprisingly authentic. Lucas learned to play Cheese Skittles and Jamie nearly lost his phone (but found it, on the table …………….. where he was sitting……………………… eventually). On Sunday we went to Corby to do some shopping, Lucas acquired an umbrella in mysterious circumstances, and then it rained (he must have known something, perhaps he is psychic?)
The ‘Crunch’ has touched Jamie now. He finishes work at 4pm and only works Monday to Thursday. I decided to employ his company to fit a new front door to try and help out the business a little bit (hope it helps). On the bright side most of his mates don’t have jobs, so unlike myself, he does have some friends to occupy his Fridays.
I went up to Thurcroft (Monday  to Wednesday) to see Nan and take her for an eye appointment at the hospital. I wasn’t expecting much to be done, but she saw a different  Optometrist (Mr Zahir Patel), as her usual Doc had been delayed in Iraq (they didn’t say why). He was brilliant, very professional and you could tell he wanted to solve her double vision problem, and he did, what a nice man and only young (they all seem young to me now!). Afterwards we had lunch and she read her own menu, in fact when he was testing her eyesight, I am afraid it appeared better than mine!
I travelled back via Newark, to drop off Easter eggs and Jamie’s dead Laptop for Suraj to fix. However, it was beyond hope and after a quick phone call, Jamie now has a new one. All he has to do is pay Suraj for it (watch this space). I did benefit from the visit myself. Aftwer last week-ends poker party there was quite a lot of beer left over and I was gifted it as Suraj doesn’t yet drink anything but lager. When he grows older he will eventually realise that lager is milked from the rear end of Scandinavian sewer rats, while beer is flavoursome and healthy because it is the drink of Gods/heroes and brewed from nectar.
Today, I had planned to walk along the disused railway line that runs at the rear of the house to Husbands Bosworth and then catch the bus back, but instead I accompanied Sue to the funeral of Derfel Williams who sadly died on Monday. I only met him a few times (a long time ago) when Charlotte was a bridesmaid at one of his daughters wedding. At the time I thought he was a nice and interesting man, and having listened in church to his family and friends celebrate his life, I was right. I would have liked to have known him better and I am sure that that those who knew him well will certainly miss him.

Time Travel

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Sarah’s boyfriend (Matt) is in the Airforce (not sure where) and came to see us at the week-end. Seems a nice guy, shook hands and said all the right things. Sarah is keeping her room tidy at last (often looks like a bomb has hit it), but it does cost me a Cadbury’s cream egg each day as an incentive, but at the moment it is worth it. Her GCSE studies and preparation seem to be going well. I checked over some essays she was working on in PE and they appeared quite good. They need to be, as it is her weakest subject (can you believe it?) Most of the material she is covering was the same as I covered at college to train as a PE teacher! I wonder what they do at ‘A’ level?
Sue is back at work and appears to be ok, but she still has a bad chest that causes a cough every now and then. She did have a visit from a past friend from Yorkshire that were visiting for the day. She had a chance to have a good gossip and catch up on news etc. She has started to collect information about her family tree and has been talking to Stanley and emailing relatives. She might even use the software I bought her for Xmas.
Jamie is still ambling along. The economic climate has started to affect his work, he was finishing at 4pm each day and now I believe he is only going to work Monday to Thursday as there isn’t enough work. He repaired his mini motorbike the other day and enjoys making a racket by speeding up and down the drive. He seems to have gone off his PS3 and doesn’t play on it very often now. His best friend has moved into Harborough and got a flat, he does spend quite a lot of time there so things are pretty quite here at times, especially as Sarah is often out at friends.
Some good news is that Paul has a permanent job now (in Plymouth I think) with the post office.
Not heard much from the Newark side of the family. I understand Vodaphone are making people redundant, but I don’t know if that affects Charlotte. Sarah has put a photo of Lucas in a cage on the desk top of one of my study computers. A lovely photo, Charlotte must have sent it her. I think Charlotte is coming down next week-end and Surj is having a poker party.
I am still refereeing (just), I pulled a hamstring on Saturday and it Hurts!!!!! I am exploring the Leicestershire countryside on my bike each day. It is part of my fitness regime. It is surprising who you see and what you see when you go out an about, I enjoy it alot. Last weekend I organised a walk to a local beer festival in Clipston, we decided to detour to a Motte and Bailey castle in Sibbertoft that I found on the Os map. We met some some gamekeepers there and the landowners son, they were very friendly but didn’t know much about the history of the castle. There is a photo in the gallery. I recommend the ‘Croak and Stagger’ beer  from the Frog Island brewery. Later in the week I tried to research Sibbertoft Castle, but didn’t find a lot. I wrote to ‘Time Team’ and posed this as a problem. They wrote back this week expressing an interest and that they will be doing further research and will contact me later in the year. Looks promising. Just in case they don’t, two days a go I planted my potatoes (70 of them), so later on in the year I can dig those up instead.