• I think the summer is coming.

    On re-reading, my last blog seems a little depressing, hopefully, this will sound more positive. Having been pleased to recover from a pulled hamstring, the very next game I refereed, I strained a calf muscle, and the one after that I twisted my knee. Yet,  the following Saturday I got through the entire game without… Continue Reading

  • Good news/bad news!

    The hamstring I pulled, kept me out of refereeing for the following few weeks so I watched Harborough’s 1st team when they were playing at home. The enforced rest eventually did the trick and I managed to return with the whistle during a mid-week match, though I took it gingerly, moving around the pitch sparingly.… Continue Reading

  • Time Travel

    Sarah’s present boyfriend (Matt) is in the Airforce (not sure where) and he came to see us over the weekend.  He seemed a nice guy, he shook hands and said all the right things. She met him on our last holiday, though Sue and I were completely unaware of the relationship. Except at mealtimes, we… Continue Reading