• I think the summer is coming.

    The last blog I wrote seemed a little depressing, thankfully this one will be more upbeat. I did recover from the pulled hamstring only to suffer from a pulled calf muscle the next game I ref’d. And, in the game after that I twisted my knee. But, on Saturday I managed to get through the… Continue Reading

  • Good news/bad news!

    The hamstring I pulled the other weekend, kept me out of refereeng the following week (so I watched the 1st’s at Harborough). The hamstring has much imnproved so I expect to ref this week, I also have a mid week game so it had better hold up. As I couldn’t run much, I have been… Continue Reading

  • Time Travel

    Sarah’s boyfriend (Matt) is in the Airforce (not sure where) and came to see us at the week-end. Seems a nice guy, shook hands and said all the right things. Sarah is keeping her room tidy at last (often looks like a bomb has hit it), but it does cost me a Cadbury’s cream egg… Continue Reading