Good news/bad news!

The hamstring I pulled, kept me out of refereeing for the following few weeks so I watched Harborough’s 1st team when they were playing at home. The enforced rest eventually did the trick and I managed to return with the whistle during a mid-week match, though I took it gingerly, moving around the pitch sparingly.
Attempting to keep my fitness levels up I have been out and about on my bike a lot, but I am afraid that being thrashed over fields/fences/ditches etc. was too much for the old girl and the bearings had started to wear (just like mine!). With a great deal of reluctance, I had to say goodbye to my long-trusted chariot and am now the proud owner of a new mountain bike, a Saracen Mantra 1. It really is quite the bees’ knees, but unfortunately not puncture-proof (one so far). It has disc brakes front and back, front suspension, speed shift gears (24), a comfy saddle and for the first time in my life, I own a bike with lights!!!! I also now have a bike helmet; it was one that Aunty Hilda was throwing out.
Charlotte and Lucas came to Willow Bank at the weekend for my birthday. However, despite plans, the weather was very cold, and we didn’t get out much. On Saturday, we did manage to go to a local pub that had a Thai Food night and found the fayre on offer was surprisingly authentic. While we were there Lucas learned to play Cheese Skittles and Jamie nearly lost his phone. After much panic and searching, we found it, on the table where he had been sitting previously.
On Sunday we all went to Corby to do some shopping. In mysterious circumstances, somehow Lucas acquired an umbrella and then as if by magic it began to rain (is he psychic?)
The ‘Economic Crunch’ has affected Jamie’s work. He now finishes at 4pm, working only Monday to Thursday. To help out, I decided to give his company some business and got them to fit a new front door, I hope it helped. With some irony, most of his friends now don’t have jobs, so unlike me, whose pensionable friends still work, he has mates to help occupy his Fridays.
I spent a few days in Thurcroft to see Nan and take her for an eye appointment at the hospital. I wasn’t expecting much to be done, but she saw a different Optometrist (Mr Zahir Patel), her usual doctor had been delayed whilst visiting in Iraq. She thought he was brilliant and very professional, you could tell he wanted to solve her double-vision problem, and he did! When he tested her eyesight after the treatment, I am afraid it appeared better than mine! Afterwards, we had lunch in our usual watering hole in Ulley and she could read her own menu.
I travelled back to Harborough via Newark and dropped off Easter eggs and Jamie’s dead laptop computer for Suraj to fix. However, the diagnosis was that it was beyond hope and after a quick phone call, Jamie is now the proud owner of a new one. I also managed to benefit from our visit. After Suraj’s weekend poker party there had been quite a lot of real ale left over and as Suraj only drinks lager I was gifted it. When he grows older, no doubt he will eventually realise that lager is milked from the rear end of Scandinavian sewer rats, while beer is the drink of gods/heroes and brewed from nectar, is flavoursome and extremely healthy for both body and soul.
A plan to walk along the disused railway line that runs at the rear of Willow Bank to Husbands Bosworth and then catch the bus back had to be cancelled, instead, I accompanied Sue to the funeral of a relative, Derfel Williams who sadly died on Monday. I only met him a few times (a long time ago) when Charlotte was a bridesmaid at his daughter’s wedding. At the time I remember thinking he was a pleasant and interesting gentleman, and now having listened to his eulogies in the church by family and friends, I would have liked to have known him better and I am sure he will be greatly missed by many.

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