Time Travel

Sarah’s boyfriend (Matt) is in the Airforce (not sure where) and came to see us at the week-end. Seems a nice guy, shook hands and said all the right things. Sarah is keeping her room tidy at last (often looks like a bomb has hit it), but it does cost me a Cadbury’s cream egg each day as an incentive, but at the moment it is worth it. Her GCSE studies and preparation seem to be going well. I checked over some essays she was working on in PE and they appeared quite good. They need to be, as it is her weakest subject (can you believe it?) Most of the material she is covering was the same as I covered at college to train as a PE teacher! I wonder what they do at ‘A’ level?
Sue is back at work and appears to be ok, but she still has a bad chest that causes a cough every now and then. She did have a visit from a past friend from Yorkshire that were visiting for the day. She had a chance to have a good gossip and catch up on news etc. She has started to collect information about her family tree and has been talking to Stanley and emailing relatives. She might even use the software I bought her for Xmas.
Jamie is still ambling along. The economic climate has started to affect his work, he was finishing at 4pm each day and now I believe he is only going to work Monday to Thursday as there isn’t enough work. He repaired his mini motorbike the other day and enjoys making a racket by speeding up and down the drive. He seems to have gone off his PS3 and doesn’t play on it very often now. His best friend has moved into Harborough and got a flat, he does spend quite a lot of time there so things are pretty quite here at times, especially as Sarah is often out at friends.
Some good news is that Paul has a permanent job now (in Plymouth I think) with the post office.
Not heard much from the Newark side of the family. I understand Vodaphone are making people redundant, but I don’t know if that affects Charlotte. Sarah has put a photo of Lucas in a cage on the desk top of one of my study computers. A lovely photo, Charlotte must have sent it her. I think Charlotte is coming down next week-end and Surj is having a poker party.
I am still refereeing (just), I pulled a hamstring on Saturday and it Hurts!!!!! I am exploring the Leicestershire countryside on my bike each day. It is part of my fitness regime. It is surprising who you see and what you see when you go out an about, I enjoy it alot. Last weekend I organised a walk to a local beer festival in Clipston, we decided to detour to a Motte and Bailey castle in Sibbertoft that I found on the Os map. We met some some gamekeepers there and the landowners son, they were very friendly but didn’t know much about the history of the castle. There is a photo in the gallery. I recommend the ‘Croak and Stagger’ beer  from the Frog Island brewery. Later in the week I tried to research Sibbertoft Castle, but didn’t find a lot. I wrote to ‘Time Team’ and posed this as a problem. They wrote back this week expressing an interest and that they will be doing further research and will contact me later in the year. Looks promising. Just in case they don’t, two days a go I planted my potatoes (70 of them), so later on in the year I can dig those up instead.

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