• The Easter Bunny

    Monday saw me pick up Jamie and Harley from his apartment at 4am and drive to East Midlands Airport. I dropped them off outside the Departures ¬†Entrance then drove back and went to bed. Jamie rang later that evening to say that they had got there safely, though Harley was 7kg over weight on her… Continue Reading

  • The sun has NOT got its hat on!

    It appears to be a sad fact of life that now the warm weather has arrived and the allotments and gardens are bursting into life, that the fine weather also tends to bring out those annoying little insects that can spoil these brief British summery moments. This year has brought insects of a larger nature.… Continue Reading

  • Breaking up early for Easter?

    Monday saw me travel to Glenfield Hospital for a Barium Scan (to have a look at my insides to check out if anything is going on, other than what should be). I did have an appointment a couple of weeks ago linked to my little operation, but delayed it as it fell on the date… Continue Reading

  • Curry Nights

    Friday night is Curry Night. ¬†It mostly involves all the family, though since his move, Jamie only rarely makes an appearance to eat (not keen on curries), but occasionally turns up to see us (briefly). This Friday was different as I had decided to turn the meal into a competition. I had made 3 different… Continue Reading