Breaking up early for Easter?

Monday saw me travel to Glenfield Hospital for a Barium Scan (to have a look at my insides to check out if anything is going on, other than what should be). I did have an appointment a couple of weeks ago linked to my little operation, but delayed it as it fell on the date I took Sarah to Sheffield. Annoyingly I put £3 in the ticket machine for 4 hours parking and I was back out in less than an hour! I could have saved myself £1.50. The machinery they used was very hi-tech and very quick, but the downside is that the Barium turns your poo white (for a couple of days).

Tuesday I drove up to Thurcroft. The photo is the Thurcroft Hotel, which was the main pub in the village and is no longer there. They knocked it down during the winter and they say that it is being replaced by flats. A shame as it  was the only building in the village had any architectural merit.

I wasn’t there long before David arrived. He wanted his hard drive back that Suraj had filled with movies. Luckily, this time I had it with me, I also took our extensive albums of films for him to copy even more than the 2Tb that he had been given. He was pleased and didn’t stay long. He is returning to Bulgaria in 3 weeks and  will be driving over in his new car.

On Wednesday Nan and I drove into Rotherham to choose some seeds for the garden. We popped into the Unit to see David and Genya, but they were just on their way out a school to do some work and we just had a brief chat. In the afternoon I dug the garden and planted potatoes, carrots, beetroot and beans. Then fixed that back door frame. Nan had her hair done. We watched Man Utd. satisfyingly beat Chelsea that evening (on the TV).

Thursday morning saw me trim the bushes and weed the borders. Nan zipped up the village on her bat-mobile (it goes quick) and bought some lamb chops and sirloin steak for us poor southerners. As I was leaving, the man that cuts her lawn arrived. He has the same mower as I do, what a co-incidence. The journey to Harborough was quiet and uneventful. When I arrived at 12.30pm the house was empty. Sue was in school and so was Sarah (so I thought). Charlotte had sent me a text during the week, asking if I could fit a door carpet for her. I decided to do it then and drove to Rothwell. When I got there I was surprised to see Sarah there. Charlotte had picked her up from school after her last lesson of the day, which was at 11am. I set about cutting and laying the carpet in the hallway while Charlotte and Sarah played with Ellis in the garden.

Later they picked Lucas up from school and returned to the garden. After completing the carpet chore I decided to fix the hole in Lucas’s pond. I used a patch from my bike tyre repair kit (it worked). As I was filling the pond up, Lucas and Sarah were in the field next to the house. As Sarah attempted to get back over the fence she slipped and wrenched her ankle. After a lot of tears and a lot of swelling I dismantled the fence, carried her (and a bag of frozen peas) to the car and drove her to Kettering Hospital. The hospital was quiet and she was very quick getting an x-ray and a diagnosis, it happily confirmed there was no break, but she had badly stretched ligaments and muscles. They gave her some walking sticks and painkillers. On the way out (while I was fetching the car from the car-park) as Sarah was sitting in the Waiting Room, she was  punched by a woman who was waiting to see the Doctor. When Sarah told me, I went to have a look at the woman and find out what was going on. The lady in question had obvious psychological problems and looked as if she had tried to slash her own wrists/hands. After ranting at me for a few minutes a nurse arrived and took her away. Not a nice experience but part of life’s rich tapestry!

On the way back we returned the peas to Charlotte before arriving home in time for tea. Luckily a meeting concerning the Beer Festival I had for 7pm was cancelled.

Friday was a gorgeous day. Sarah limped on crutches at school. Sue drove to Desborough to see Brigitte and then carried on to Rothwell to see their famous Easter Bonnet Parade with Charlotte and little ones. I did some planting in the allotments, then went to Lidl to get some stuff for Steak Night. Suraj was in Coventry visiting his brother who was seriously ill in hospital and wasn’t expected back until Saturday, but arrived just as the food was about to be served. We managed to find enough for him as he was quite hungry. Steak, chips, peas, onion rings and garlic mushrooms made a nice change from curry. Thank you Nan.

Suraj had arrived from Coventry carrying several large bags of clothes which Sarah and Charlotte went into raptures over sorting out who was going to have what. It was really quite amusing watching the negotiating going on between sisters and then later on with Sue. Suraj decided to escape and took Lucas  to see Harvey (the son of Jamie’s friend Tansley).

On Saturday Lee arrived for the weekend and he and Sarah went to Rothwell. Brigitte and Jim came over after lunch and while Jim, his dog Harby and I walked to the Rugby Club to watch the 1st Team followed by the Tigers in the TV, Brigitte stayed and chatted with Sue for a couple of hours. When I got back, Sue had taken Sarah and Lee to the Rugby Club for  a friend’s 18th Birthday Party. They must have passed me on the way there. They returned at around 11pm as Sarah couldn’t dance, being on crutches. Looks like their won’t be any Line-dancing for her next Tuesday.

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