Curry Nights

Friday night is Curry Night.  It mostly involves all the family, though since his move, Jamie only rarely makes an appearance to eat (not keen on curries), but occasionally turns up to see us (briefly). This Friday was different as I had decided to turn the meal into a competition. I had made 3 different types of curry: Balti, Korma and Thai red. The family had to guess what they were.  They did really well, though the Korma stumped them, I used a Korma paste I was given as a gift at Christmas (from Jamie) and it was a lot fiercer than expected. I suppose it was probably authentic to the Indian sub-continent and our European palate is not used to it. After the meal, Sue, Charlotte and Sarah went to the local cinema club to see a film that I was assured would not appeal to me. Lucas and I settled down to an evening of ‘Lost in Space’ and ‘Shrek 3’ on my Media Centre. Suraj and Ellis  settled down on the sofa and fell asleep until the girls came home. They came back quite bubbly and had obviously enjoyed the evening. After confirming that the cinema was principally attended by the female of the species I was relieved I had stayed at home!

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