Some sunny days.

There have been quite a few sunny and warm days this week, which meant several of them being spent at the allotments. Weeds are now extinct (temporarily, no doubt) 11 rows of potatoes, 5 rows of red onions,  4 rows of broad beans and a 1 row of parsnips  are now in situ. I have even filled the water butts and ridged up some of the vines. While we are talking gardens, last week I made a gate in the back garden of the Rothwells, then chopped down the undergrowth between their property and the adjoining field, mowed it, dug out some steps as it is on a slope and then made a bench of some upturned pots and a few planks of wood. It is Lucas’s garden. Yesterday, I dug out a pond in Lucas’s garden to house some frog spawn. However, though I sent Charlotte, Sarah, Lucas and Ellis on a frog spawn hunt to the local pond, they came back empty bucketed.

Sarah has had an offer from Sheffield. She made quite an impression during the interview and sold herself very well, they said.  She has  decided to accept the offer and see what her options are after the exams. Her KA lost its main beam headlights last week, so I spent a morning checking the electrics. The fuses and bulbs were fine and I isolated it to the Dip relay. Having lost a lot of skin from my hands taking the bulb in and out to check, (there is not a lot of room inside the Ford KA’s engine!!!), I rang a friend who is in the trade and asked if he could get me one and fit it. He did the following day at a fraction of the cost from a garage.

The other day my mower gave up the ghost with a lot of carbon emitting from the exhaust. Having stripped it down and made it work, it happened again. It is now with my friend who assures me he can fix it. (I hope).

On Sunday, Philippa came to see us. She and Paul were up in Lincoln sorting out Paul’s father’s finances as he is not very well. She travelled down in the morning to have lunch with us at the Rothwells. Jamie and Harley also came, which meant lunch for 10 (not including cats). Charlotte surpassed herself with a table groaning with food, I think she had decided that no-one was going to go hungry.  Lucas looked a little off colour and as we later found out has a virus. Sue and Pip left for Harborough later in the afternoon. I stayed for a further couple of hours and put up some more obligatory shelves and wired  a power socket in the kitchen for the micro-wave. I had moved it the previous week and of course it entailed some more shelving.

The photo is the Rothwell’s house. Charlotte’s is the one on the left. When downloading the image from my camera I noticed quite a lot of photos of things that Jamie is probably putting on eBay. Quite a lot of them are bits and accessories from his car that either got replaced or just weren’t practical. I wish him luck.


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