• Crocs, Rhinos and Nepalese Dancers.

    Dosed up with tablets I rattled down to an early breakfast. Feeling ok, I managed cereal and two slices of toast, washed down with a small glass of mango juice. I crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t be seeing them again, but thanks to the powers of modern chemistry I needn’t have worried, the valve… Continue Reading

  • Journey to Chitwan

    Up again at the crack of dawn (5.15am). An early start was needed for our journey to Chitwan as part of the road is closed to all traffic after 9am, for 6 hours. The government is doing a lot of necessary road improvements, much-needed after the 2015 earthquake. Unfortunately, I woke up with a ‘dicky’… Continue Reading

  • Zippety do da!

    We didn’t have to keep the heating on over night, down at this altitude it is much warmer and we slept well. I had to rise early as I had an appointment with a harness and cable, but Sue opted to remain snug in bed while I dressed and went down for breakfast. As I… Continue Reading

  • Annapurna Sunrise

    Around 10pm the clouds disappeared revealing not just a heaven full of bright twinkling stars but way down below was the equally jaw dropping lights of Pokhara, as if this was not enough the horizon randomly flickered and flashed with electrical discharge creating a light show that left an imprint on your retina. Amazing. Standing… Continue Reading

  • Trekking to Sarangkot

    Three fried eggs, a bunch of chopped sausages, two grilled tomatoes and a slice of aloo somethingy was washed down with two cups of coffee then two slices of toast and I was good to go. I have no idea what Sue charged her batteries with but it was probably fruit, cereals and jam on… Continue Reading

  • Here, there and everywhere.

    After breakfast we all met up in reception  in readiness for the short journey to Gupteswar Mahadev. The peaks of Annapurna, capped with wispy clouds, glowed in the early morning sun as we boarded the minibus and rattled our way along to our destination.  We arrived at the gorge and cave complex, paid the entrance… Continue Reading

  • Journey to Pokhara.

    Rose at 6.30am, breakfasted by 7.15am, sat in reception by 7.30am waiting with the rest of our party for our transport. Slight hiccup when it came to paying my bill, I opted to use card, but Nepal is way behind most of the world with niceties and conveniences that living in a modern technological society… Continue Reading

  • Mountains, Stupas and Funerals.

    A very nice bed, warm, comfy and sleep inducing, just what you want after a long flight. We woke just before 5.30am, dressed hurriedly, threw down a coffee and made our way down the stairs to reception where we were surprised to find our transfer already there. Despite there being considerable traffic with the whole… Continue Reading

  • Getting there.

    This week we had the pleasure of looking after Mia for a couple of days. Lee dropped her off on his way to court in Northampton and Sarah picked her up the following day after work. Sue had a U3A walk on the first day, causing a small problem as I had a funeral to… Continue Reading

  • Christmas 2016

    In the Midlands we are well used to the lack of snow, or even frost over the Christmas period but I can’t remember a warmer Christmas than this one. On the plus side it has meant that the family have not been stuck inside, afraid to venture out into the chill British winter. Double figure… Continue Reading