• Some sunny days.

    There have been quite a few sunny and warm days this week, which meant several of them being spent at the allotments. Weeds are now extinct (temporarily, no doubt) 11 rows of potatoes, 5 rows of red onions,  4 rows of broad beans and a 1 row of parsnips  are now in situ. I have… Continue Reading

  • Spring has sprung

    It has been nice to see the sun again, especially now that it has started to radiate a bit of warmth. Lulu (next door’s cat) has now started to make a regular appearance in the garden. As soon as the back door opens there is the sound of a ‘thump’ on the fence as she… Continue Reading

  • A quite eventful week!

    It certainly has been a very  eventful week for the world and the Palmer family. The population of Libya has suffered the tyranny of Gaddafi  for quite a few decades, and chose this week to get rid of him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to go and now they are suffering the consequences of their actions.… Continue Reading

  • A Day Out

    Another cold and miserable week (weather wise), nothing done in the allotments other than I spent an hour painting the shed with sump oil to weather proof it.  The last 15 minutes of painting was done in a steady drizzle so I didn’t do the roof, it will have to wait. I spent one evening… Continue Reading