A quite eventful week!

It certainly has been a very  eventful week for the world and the Palmer family.

The population of Libya has suffered the tyranny of Gaddafi  for quite a few decades, and chose this week to get rid of him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to go and now they are suffering the consequences of their actions. All the world agrees that he is a most distasteful dictator and should be got rid of, but up to now it is doing nothing about it.

Japan is suffering from a most appalling  earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. It is a most beautiful country, populated with gentle, obedient people who certainly deserve every support the world can muster.

Having had a ‘tummy ache’ for quite a few weeks I had visited the doctor who referred me to the local Cottage Hospital. On Monday I had a Sigmoidoscopy.  Not a pleasant procedure, but apparently suffered by 70% of the population. Three bands later, the condition had been attended to. But, unlike  previous occasions,  it has been quite painful and limited what I have been able to do. The weather has been quite good this week, and I have not been able to trot down to the allotments, most annoying.

Jamie  had a weeks holiday and he and I put up some pictures in his apartment and replaced  one of the doors of his wardrobe (it had a fault on it when it was delivered last week). He also had the builders working there during the week on his balcony window. Since the block had been built, the building had settled and the lintel was preventing the door from opening fully. They seem to have fixed the problem and Jamie is now asking for  the wall to be painted.

Charlotte had her stair-gate installed (fitted perfectly). I then fitted some shelves into one of Lucas’s cupboards as she needed to organise his bedding and clothes separately. While she was on a roll, she requested that her micro-wave oven be moved. The only solution was to build some more shelves and do a spot of re-wiring. I completed this task while she and the kids were around at Jamie’s apartment having cheese-cake and coffee. I guess I didn’t get an invite because I don’t like cheesecake.

Sue spent a couple of afternoons in school and also arranged to have a spare-bed (from Jim and Kate) for Jamie’s old bedroom delivered. It came Wednesday night. Sarah has her Driving Theory Test next Monday and has been running through the exercises that Suraj installed on her computer.

Ellis hasn’t been too well this week and it all came to a head on Friday night. Charlotte, Ellis and Lucas had arrived  at 3.30pm (for Curry Night, except this week it was Chilli Night).  At 4pm Charlotte went to see Doreen (next door) for a Reflexology session. She came straight back and asked if I could sort out the water that was pouring through their downstairs bedroom ceiling. When I got their, it wasn’t clear where the leaking pip was. The upstairs carpet, and floor-boarding had to come up. I made a lot of mess. I found the pipework and joists full of water, but couldn’t find the leak. At this time Sue came around and informed me that Charlotte, had rushed Ellis off to Kettering hospital as he had a temperature of 39 degrees and a rash had suddenly appeared. Nigel (caretaker from school) arrived and together we ripped up some more floorboards, uncovered more water, but still couldn’t find a drip, though by now we were reasonably sure which was the offending joint. We put a bowl under the joint and told them to call a plumber in the morning.

Sarah had gone with the Rothwell’s to Kettering and we had Lucas. Suraj brought Sarah home at around 11pm and drove back to hospital. They were discharged home at 1am, non the wiser as to what the problem was. Looks like chicken pox to me! We had Lucas overnight. They all came over on Saturday afternoon to collect Lucas. Ellis was still spotty, but less grizzly. Suraj left to roam Harborough, he had bought a gold necklace at the charity shop for £4 and then sold it to a jewellers for £30 (not bad). Charlotte drove home withe the kids. Lee had come down on Saturday and he and Sarah drove to Wolverhampton Uni’. They spent a pleasant day finding out about the course and student life. On their return she couldn’t wait to give me a copy of the Course/ accommodation fees! Lee has stayed overnight. Jamie had Sunday lunch with us.

NEWSFLASH: Sarah passed her Driving Test Theory Exam today!

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