• And the rain came down!

    Since returning from Bulgaria it seems to have rained most days. The ground is absolutely sodden to the state that it can’t absorb anymore water. Any rain that falls just lies on the surface and forms puddles. My daily bike rides have been such muddy affairs that  I avoid most of my favourite routes as… Continue Reading

  • Lost, found & returned.

    Having had a run of good weather the work on the pool went well, especially with early starts and late finishes. Things improved when faced with the prospect of not having enough tiles to complete the work (due to the  number of broken tiles during renovation), David and Milen discovered that a Builder’s Merchant about an hour away by car actually made the ones supplied for his pool! When… Continue Reading

  • Autumn Days

    Family News: Sarah came home for half term and returned to Uni’ on Monday. Sue went with Sarah (who deputised for myself) to Kate Crawford’s 60th birthday party at the The Angel. It was an excellent ‘do’ by all accounts and they sat on Sean’s and Karen’s table, there was over 70 attended (must have cost a fortune!). The… Continue Reading