Autumn Days

Family News: Sarah came home for half term and returned to Uni’ on Monday. Sue went with Sarah (who deputised for myself) to Kate Crawford’s 60th birthday party at the The Angel. It was an excellent ‘do’ by all accounts and they sat on Sean’s and Karen’s table, there was over 70 attended (must have cost a fortune!). The weather was terrible, heavy rain all day.
Charlotte went to see a friend Emma in Melton but when she took Lucas to school she wondered why no one was there. It was closed as it was a teacher’s day!
  Sue has been to see Nan regularly, and took her to the doctors for an eye scan on Friday, but she had got in a muddle as it wasn’t until January. The doctors were very good and even rang the hospital for her to try to sort it out. When they got back home Sue fished the letter out and discovered she had read it wrong.
Nan took Sarah out for a meal at the canal basin restaurant, Sarah enjoyed her meal but Nan didn’t like her fish and chips and the pudding wasn’t what she expected.
  Everyone went chestnut picking on Saturday and then roasted them on the fire. Photo: Chestnut roastingThey had hot dogs for tea and then went to the firework display at St. Joseph’s. PhotoIt was a cold night and they all got frozen when they got back and had to thaw out by the fire.
 Suraj hasn’t been well recently, he went to Kettering hospital on Saturday night and again yesterday with pains in his abdomen. They are not sure what it is, but  it is very sore and tender. Let’s hope it is just a bad curry.
Jamie is now between girlfriends and the other night gave himself a 5 kilo steak challenge (I haven’t heard the result).
The grandchildren enjoyed Trick or Treating on Halloween. They harvested quite a lot of goodies and were joined by Sarah.
PhotoPhoto: HaloweenPhoto: HaloweenPhoto: Haloween
Bulgarian News: Still working on the pool. We really did under-estimate the amount of work to be done! Luckily after a couple of days of rain we have had good weather, which means early starts and late finishes (when the sun goes down). The last 3 days have been quite hot and not conducive to heavy manual work. Banjo is still enjoying walking across freshly laid concrete or tiles and this evening he discovered that he could lay a paw trail along the grouting lines between the tiles. If he wasn’t  so adorable he would be in one of the many hotpots that we eat each night.  We went to the market again in Dryanovo on Saturday morning for a sharpener for the chains saws and another kilo of walnuts for mine and Banjo’s breakfast. We also bought quite a lot of vegetables for the pot.
Today, we had help from Milen, he cleaned tiles and then spotted David struggling with grouting the tiles and showed him the Bulgarian way. David wasn’t keen at first but it certainly was quicker, so they both set about the many hundreds of grouting lines (carefully watched by Banjo). I was laying tiles at the time, but had a wander over to see their handiwork. Not the tidiest of methods I have seen, but we do have lots of new definitions and I guess that the grouting will now fall into the category of  ‘fit for purpose’, only a grade lower than acceptable.
I booked my return flights and train ticket during the week. It is David’s birthday on Saturday and he asked if I would be here for it, so I shall be leaving on the 12th Nov.

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