• Home to Purple Zeppelin

    Crossing the Bay of Biscay with the swell in excess of 5 metres was uncomfortable. Continuous warnings throughout the ship to wear flat shoes, hold on to rails when possible and take great care on stairs and in doorways was sensible advice. Though sick bags had appeared overnight every 5 metres along corridors, even in… Continue Reading

  • Mindelo – Sao Vicente – Cape Verde

    It’s been exactly a week since we boarded the Magellan and during that time we have got to know our evening dinner partners reasonably well. Unlike, the couple who we shared a table with on our last cruise and who also just happen to be on this cruise, they are unfortunate to have been allocated… Continue Reading

  • Vigo – Spain

    After a bit of a ‘rocky’ night, we arrived during breakfast at the port of Vigo in the province of Galicia, Spain. It is the home of the Spanish fishing fleet and an important industrial city for car making and shipbuilding. Sir Francis Drake bombarded it in 1585 and again in 1589 when it was… Continue Reading

  • Sao Miguel–Ponta Delgada (Azores)

    Ponta Delgada is the capital of the Azores and also the largest municipality, it was here that we docked early on the morning of Valentine’s Day. It was a miserable looking start to the day, the volcanic highlands were shrouded in grey mist, thick rolling clouds marched across the sky and there was a hint… Continue Reading

  • Faial – Horta (Azores)

    Since leaving Antigua nestled serenely in a warm, calm Caribbean sea we have been making our way steadily north east through the cooler, choppier Atlantic Ocean. As each day passes the outside air temperature has decreased from a fatigue inducing mid 30’s  to a more comfortable mid 20’s and at times, a bit lower. We… Continue Reading

  • Antigua – St. Johns

    Antigua is one of the smaller Leeward Islands and it was here that we berthed alongside three other large cruise ships in its capital of St. Johns, just as we sat down for breakfast.   Columbus named the island Santa Maria la Antigua as he sailed by in 1493, but it has been in British… Continue Reading

  • St. Lucia – Castries

    The Magellan as usual docked at breakfast time in the port of Castries, joining two other cruise ships that had already found their moorings. It was going to be a busy day for the inhabitants of the 2nd largest island in the Windward Islands. St. Lucia was discovered by Juan de Cosa who travelled with… Continue Reading

  • Barbados

    The Magellan arrived very early at her mooring in Bridgetown at 6.00am. This was lucky as she bagged the closest berth to the port terminal ensuring the passengers from the two cruise ships that arrived afterwards had a much longer walk. Interesting fact: Chicken is by far the most popular meat eaten on the island,… Continue Reading

  • Tobago – Scarborough

    You meet all types of people when on a cruise ship, the Magellan is by no means the largest ship plying its trade on the world’s seas but it still has its fair share share of oddities. It is no surprise that any establishment that provides wall to wall food and drink, 24 hours a… Continue Reading

  • Lles du Salut – Salvation Islands

    Most passengers now seem to have got themselves into a ship’s routine, depending on their own particular likes and interests. There is much happening on board to amuse those that don’t wish just to sunbathe, eat, listen to music in the bars or just wait until the next port provides some further distraction. The active… Continue Reading