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Soldiering on………

Posted in Uncategorized on Jan 29, 2009 by David Palmer
Not much news to report, other than Sue appears to have got over her Pluerosy and allergic reaction to something or other. But, now she has a swelling beneath her left eye that is quite painful. I think she is (and looks) rather tired as hasn’t managed to get back into the regular swing of things since Chriistmas, with having a bouts of ill health one after another. Soon be half-term.
Nan has adjusted to life at Willow Bank and is now quite mobile, but excursions on her ‘Batmobile’ cause her wrist to ache. She is visiting the shops, having her hair done (twice) and also had two physiotherapy sessions. We have lunch out quite a lot in the local hostelries, at a cost of just under £6 for two meals you can’t go wrong! I will be taking her back to Rotherham for an eye check-up next Wednesday, she is hoping I will leave her in Thurcroft. Her wrist seems ok and if the eye Doc says things are alright, she can have her way.
Sarah is busy each night, revising for her exams. We got a letter from the school last week, informing us on how well she has done in German. It is a stressful time for her, but she is managing to keep up her swimming, Air Cadets and Charity work, I think they are good diversions for her.
I manage to cycle each day, referee on Saturdays and keep pace with the woodchopping. I have been in school quite a few times, yesterday I had to do some Science (Chemical reactions) with Year 6. It is my favourite subject and I loved it! Brilliant fun and no tick boxes or evaluations to waste my time on afterwards.
During the week I had a telephone call from Charlotte. It was all centered on the fact that Lucas ‘is dry’, its is a big thing forparents, especially for those that have to change nappies. Well done Lucas. She also later in the week sent me a text, informing me that she had just returned from Netball practise. She was really good at it at school and I am glad that she has decided to take it up again. The Newark branch still seem to be in good health.
Jamie is still busy working and enjoying life, he even now comes quite often into the lounge and talks to all of us!

Chilly January

Posted in Uncategorized on Jan 19, 2009 by David Palmer
The weather has continued to be cold with lots of frosts, which means the woodburner has come into its own (lucky I stocked up with plenty of wood). Of course every Saturday has meant no refereeing for me as the matches have been cancelled, so all that weight I put on over Christmas is just being added to. However, last Saturday, though my original fixture was again cancelled, I was re-appointed to take another, and I actually took the field and refereed a game (luckily, only a slow Vets game in Leicester). I was anticipating a pulled muscle or hamstring sometime through the game, but it didn’t happen, and with a 12:12 draw everyone was quite pleased with their performance. It had been exactly a month since I last had a runaround!
The ‘Willow Bank’ outpatients department of the NHS continues to function efficiently coping with a varierty of ills:
I took Nan back to Rotherham Gerneral to have her wrist checked out. They took her pot off and prescribed physiotherapy, praising her surprising recovery (obviously due to the exceptional nursing care administered in house!). She moaned when the nurse noted the care provided by her son and informed her she was very lucky (I was quite taken by that nurse). I brought her back to Harborough later that day (via Newark), as her eyesight and wrist combination would mean leaving her on her own would be quite hazardous. I arranged for the physiotherapy to take place in Harborough (she wasn’t happy).
Sue had another bout of Pluerosy and was on more anti-biotics before I took Nan to Rotherham, and when we came back she was in an even worse state with a mystery allergic reaction to something!!!! She had come out in rashes, spots, lumps, aches and a headache. A visit to the doctor resulted in more pills, which seem to solve the problem (she probably had an allergic reaction to me not being there, and recovered when I was, I think I shall change my title to Nurse Palmer).
Sarah is ill with exam fever and is quite tetchy about any subject you care to mention, so we have to be careful about what we talk about. I believe it is a long term illness, but will disappear by July.
Jamie is Jamie. He is suffering from being 19 and won’t get over it until he is 20 (when it will be replaced by a new set of symptoms).
Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas are surprisingly all in good health, or appeared to be when Nan and I visited them last week on our way back from Rotherham.
Today is cold and wet, so I decided to start my fitness regime in earnest. I got up and went for a bike ride, it took 26 mins and didn’t feel too bad (a lot less damaging to the body than running). I hope to do this everyday, we shall see! I also bought Sue a SatNav (Garmin) on Amazon, cost £34, she wanted one for Christmas, but I knew they would come down in price afterwards (it had better work).

The New Year

Posted in Uncategorized on Jan 4, 2009 by David Palmer
The New Year Party we went to was at a friends house and is a nice laid back (senior cits style) way of welcoming 2009. Unfortunately guests were a little thin on the ground as 6 couples had rung in to say they were too ill to go. There is a flu virus rampaging through Harborough and seems to be getting to most people (eventually). However, enough people were well enough to make it a pleasant evening and with the added advantage of their being loads of food to go round, which was quite important as I had only had a light lunch and no tea.
Charlotte and Lucas left us on the day after New Years Day. Things will be pretty quiet now. It was quite sad saying goodby. That evening we invited Roger around to watch Quantam of Solace on the big screen. However, when I connected it up to the new Television, I could only get a picture and no sound (serves me right for not checking first). After 40 mins of fiddling with cables etc. I gave up and we watched it on the TV. The following morning I read the TV manual and all I had to do was press a button on the remote!!!!!!!!!!!!! The film was surprisingly quite good and for once, realistic for a Bond film.
Last night we invited Jim and Brigitte around for a glass of wine and to look at their holiday snaps. They had spent Christmas in Gran Canaria and had just returned. They had brought the camera and as I had done in the past with the old TV, I connected it to the TV to produce a slide show. It didn’t work!!!!!!! I shall read the manual again today and find out which button to press (I wasn’t always like this!) Jamie arrived half way through the evening with a girl. Sue welcomed her with "Oh hello, Harriet, it is nice to see you again." I was in the study when they arrived and had been introduced to her as Harley (I had a little laugh, in the study). I smiled when I returned to the lounge and pointed out that it wasn’t Harriet, just a girl with the same hair colour. They do say your eye-sight goes with age!