• Soldiering on………

    Not much news to report in this blog, other than Sue appears to have finally gotten over her Pleurisy and an allergic reaction to something or other (how could she not with such excellent nursing?) However, she now has a slight swelling beneath her left eye which is quite painful. She looks rather tired and… Continue Reading

  • Chilly January

    The weather has continued to be bitterly cold with lots of hard overnight frosts, the wood burner has proved to be the best purchase we have made in a long time, thankfully I have stocked up with plenty of wood and it should see us through this winter Frosted rugby pitches meant cancelled fixtures and… Continue Reading

  • The New Year

    As is traditional at the beginning of a year, friends and family come together and celebrate, this year we attended a party at a friend’s house in the town. It turned out to be a comfortable, relaxed and laid-back affair. Unfortunately, guests were a little thin on the ground as winter Flu had taken its… Continue Reading