• Soldiering on………

    Not much news to report, other than Sue appears to have got over her Pluerosy and allergic reaction to something or other. But, now she has a swelling beneath her left eye that is quite painful. I think she is (and looks) rather tired as hasn’t managed to get back into the regular swing of… Continue Reading

  • Chilly January

    The weather has continued to be cold with lots of frosts, which means the woodburner has come into its own (lucky I stocked up with plenty of wood). Of course every Saturday has meant no refereeing for me as the matches have been cancelled, so all that weight I put on over Christmas is just… Continue Reading

  • The New Year

    The New Year Party we went to was at a friends house and is a nice laid back (senior cits style) way of welcoming 2009. Unfortunately guests were a little thin on the ground as 6 couples had rung in to say they were too ill to go. There is a flu virus rampaging through… Continue Reading