Soldiering on………

Not much news to report, other than Sue appears to have got over her Pluerosy and allergic reaction to something or other. But, now she has a swelling beneath her left eye that is quite painful. I think she is (and looks) rather tired as hasn’t managed to get back into the regular swing of things since Chriistmas, with having a bouts of ill health one after another. Soon be half-term.
Nan has adjusted to life at Willow Bank and is now quite mobile, but excursions on her ‘Batmobile’ cause her wrist to ache. She is visiting the shops, having her hair done (twice) and also had two physiotherapy sessions. We have lunch out quite a lot in the local hostelries, at a cost of just under £6 for two meals you can’t go wrong! I will be taking her back to Rotherham for an eye check-up next Wednesday, she is hoping I will leave her in Thurcroft. Her wrist seems ok and if the eye Doc says things are alright, she can have her way.
Sarah is busy each night, revising for her exams. We got a letter from the school last week, informing us on how well she has done in German. It is a stressful time for her, but she is managing to keep up her swimming, Air Cadets and Charity work, I think they are good diversions for her.
I manage to cycle each day, referee on Saturdays and keep pace with the woodchopping. I have been in school quite a few times, yesterday I had to do some Science (Chemical reactions) with Year 6. It is my favourite subject and I loved it! Brilliant fun and no tick boxes or evaluations to waste my time on afterwards.
During the week I had a telephone call from Charlotte. It was all centered on the fact that Lucas ‘is dry’, its is a big thing forparents, especially for those that have to change nappies. Well done Lucas. She also later in the week sent me a text, informing me that she had just returned from Netball practise. She was really good at it at school and I am glad that she has decided to take it up again. The Newark branch still seem to be in good health.
Jamie is still busy working and enjoying life, he even now comes quite often into the lounge and talks to all of us!

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