Soldiering on………

Not much news to report in this blog, other than Sue appears to have finally gotten over her Pleurisy and an allergic reaction to something or other (how could she not with such excellent nursing?) However, she now has a slight swelling beneath her left eye which is quite painful. She looks rather tired and hasn’t managed to get back into a regular routine since Christmas. One bout of illness after another has weakened her immune system. Soon it will be half-term.
Nan has adjusted to life at Willow Bank and is now quite mobile, with frequent excursions on her ‘Batmobile’, though she now complains her wrist is beginning to ache, possibly due to excessive use of the throttle speeding into town. This last two weeks, including many visits to the shops she has had her hair done (twice), and attended two physiotherapy sessions. I have taken her for lunch to quite a few of the local hostelries, at a cost of just under £6 for two meals you can’t go wrong! I will be taking her back to Rotherham for an eye check-up on a Wednesday, she is hoping I will leave her in Thurcroft, but that will happen only if her wrist X-ray is ok and if the eye consultant says things are looking good.
Sarah is busy each night, revising for exams. We received a letter from the school last week, informing us of how well she has done in German. It is a very stressful time for her, but she is still managing to keep up her swimming, Air Cadets and Charity work, I think they are good diversions from swotting all the time.
I have managed to cycle each day, and with refereeing on Saturdays and keeping pace with woodchopping to feed the fire I think I am getting pretty fit. I have even been to school to teach quite a few times. On one occasion I was tasked to teach chemical reactions with Year 6. Science is my favourite subject, and the children shared my newfound enthusiasm! As expected, it was brilliant fun for all, lots of memorable learning and no tick boxes or evaluations to waste my time on afterwards.
During the week I had a telephone call from an excited Charlotte. The conversation centred on the fact that little Lucas was now ‘dry’. I do remember it is a huge moment for hardworking parents when the constant changing of nappies becomes a thing of the past. Later that week she sent a text, informing me that she had joined a club and had just returned from Netball practice. I remember with fond memories how good she was playing in the school team, but who would have guessed that a ‘dry nappy’ would initiate such a result?
Jamie is still very busy working but seems to be enjoying life. He has lately started to join us in the lounge during the evening and has even begun to hold conversations with us.

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