Chilly January

The weather has continued to be cold with lots of frosts, which means the woodburner has come into its own (lucky I stocked up with plenty of wood). Of course every Saturday has meant no refereeing for me as the matches have been cancelled, so all that weight I put on over Christmas is just being added to. However, last Saturday, though my original fixture was again cancelled, I was re-appointed to take another, and I actually took the field and refereed a game (luckily, only a slow Vets game in Leicester). I was anticipating a pulled muscle or hamstring sometime through the game, but it didn’t happen, and with a 12:12 draw everyone was quite pleased with their performance. It had been exactly a month since I last had a runaround!
The ‘Willow Bank’ outpatients department of the NHS continues to function efficiently coping with a varierty of ills:
I took Nan back to Rotherham Gerneral to have her wrist checked out. They took her pot off and prescribed physiotherapy, praising her surprising recovery (obviously due to the exceptional nursing care administered in house!). She moaned when the nurse noted the care provided by her son and informed her she was very lucky (I was quite taken by that nurse). I brought her back to Harborough later that day (via Newark), as her eyesight and wrist combination would mean leaving her on her own would be quite hazardous. I arranged for the physiotherapy to take place in Harborough (she wasn’t happy).
Sue had another bout of Pluerosy and was on more anti-biotics before I took Nan to Rotherham, and when we came back she was in an even worse state with a mystery allergic reaction to something!!!! She had come out in rashes, spots, lumps, aches and a headache. A visit to the doctor resulted in more pills, which seem to solve the problem (she probably had an allergic reaction to me not being there, and recovered when I was, I think I shall change my title to Nurse Palmer).
Sarah is ill with exam fever and is quite tetchy about any subject you care to mention, so we have to be careful about what we talk about. I believe it is a long term illness, but will disappear by July.
Jamie is Jamie. He is suffering from being 19 and won’t get over it until he is 20 (when it will be replaced by a new set of symptoms).
Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas are surprisingly all in good health, or appeared to be when Nan and I visited them last week on our way back from Rotherham.
Today is cold and wet, so I decided to start my fitness regime in earnest. I got up and went for a bike ride, it took 26 mins and didn’t feel too bad (a lot less damaging to the body than running). I hope to do this everyday, we shall see! I also bought Sue a SatNav (Garmin) on Amazon, cost £34, she wanted one for Christmas, but I knew they would come down in price afterwards (it had better work).

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