Chilly January

The weather has continued to be bitterly cold with lots of hard overnight frosts, the wood burner has proved to be the best purchase we have made in a long time, thankfully I have stocked up with plenty of wood and it should see us through this winter
Frosted rugby pitches meant cancelled fixtures and no refereeing duties for me on Saturday afternoons. The excess weight I put on over Christmas consuming vast portions of festive food is not being run off. However, last Saturday, though my original fixture was yet again cancelled, I was pleased to be re-appointed to one that was still on, luckily, it was a veteran’s game in Leicester and  the pace of the game matched my enforced unfitness perfectly. After such inactivity I was anticipating a pulled muscle or hamstring, but thankfully that didn’t happen, and a 12:12 draw ensured everyone was pleased with their performance. It had been exactly a month since I had last pulled on my boots and picked up speed faster than a walking pace!
Over the last few weeks, ‘Willow Bank’ outpatient department continued to function efficiently, coping with a variety of family ills:
I took Nan back to Rotherham General to have her wrist checked out. They took her pot off and prescribed some physiotherapy, praising her for a surprising recovery (no doubt due to the exceptional nursing care administered in-house!). Nan seemed unimpressed when the nurse praised me for the excellent care I had been giving and told her that she was very lucky to have such an understanding son. I brought Nan back to Harborough later that day (via Newark), her eyesight problems and broken wrist was a recipe for further disaster. Much to her annoyance I also arranged for the physiotherapy to take place in Harborough.
Before I made the journey with Nan to Rotherham, Sue had another bout of Pleurisy and was prescribed even more anti-biotics. When we came back, she was in an even worse state than before we left with a mystery allergic reaction to something!!!! She had come out in rashes, spots, lumps, aches and a headache. A visit to the doctor resulted in more pills, which thankfully seemed to solve the problem. However, she wasn’t impressed when I told her that her allergic reaction was most likely from me not being at home, pointing out that she only recovered when I returned. I think I shall add Nurse to my CV.
Sarah has come down with ‘exam fever’, the symptoms are moodiness and becoming instantly tetchy on any subject you care to mention, we now have to be very careful about what we talk about. I don’t believe it is a long-term illness and will disappear by the end of July.
Jamie is suffering from being nineteen and won’t get over it until he is twenty when no doubt it will be replaced by a fresh set of symptoms. Present symptoms are deafness, long periods of mental absence, unable to speak in long sentences or hold a conversation.
Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas are surprisingly all in good health or appeared to be when Nan and I visited them last week on our way back from Rotherham.
Today it was cold and wet, but I decided to begin my fitness regime in earnest. I got up early and went for a bike ride. I cycled flat-out for twenty-six minutes and afterwards didn’t feel too bad (a lot less damaging to the body than running). I am planning on doing this every day, we shall see! I also bought Sue a Garmin Satnav on Amazon for her car, she asked for one at Christmas, but I knew they would come down in price afterwards (it had better work).

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