The New Year

The New Year Party we went to was at a friends house and is a nice laid back (senior cits style) way of welcoming 2009. Unfortunately guests were a little thin on the ground as 6 couples had rung in to say they were too ill to go. There is a flu virus rampaging through Harborough and seems to be getting to most people (eventually). However, enough people were well enough to make it a pleasant evening and with the added advantage of their being loads of food to go round, which was quite important as I had only had a light lunch and no tea.
Charlotte and Lucas left us on the day after New Years Day. Things will be pretty quiet now. It was quite sad saying goodby. That evening we invited Roger around to watch Quantam of Solace on the big screen. However, when I connected it up to the new Television, I could only get a picture and no sound (serves me right for not checking first). After 40 mins of fiddling with cables etc. I gave up and we watched it on the TV. The following morning I read the TV manual and all I had to do was press a button on the remote!!!!!!!!!!!!! The film was surprisingly quite good and for once, realistic for a Bond film.
Last night we invited Jim and Brigitte around for a glass of wine and to look at their holiday snaps. They had spent Christmas in Gran Canaria and had just returned. They had brought the camera and as I had done in the past with the old TV, I connected it to the TV to produce a slide show. It didn’t work!!!!!!! I shall read the manual again today and find out which button to press (I wasn’t always like this!) Jamie arrived half way through the evening with a girl. Sue welcomed her with "Oh hello, Harriet, it is nice to see you again." I was in the study when they arrived and had been introduced to her as Harley (I had a little laugh, in the study). I smiled when I returned to the lounge and pointed out that it wasn’t Harriet, just a girl with the same hair colour. They do say your eye-sight goes with age!

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