• Vietnam 10

    We had a very late breakfast and surprisingly were the only ones there. Mary, one of the waitresses took pity on us and talked to us in halting English to the point where it got slightly annoying. Eventually she got on with her tasks and we finished our meal and returned to our room to… Continue Reading

  • Vietnam 9

    We had a lie in! The alarm on my mobile actually went off for the first time since being away without me waking up before-hand and turning it off. Another first was Sue beating me to the bathroom! Breakfasted at 7.54pm and spotted Ron and Jenny having theirs. Last night they had booked the same… Continue Reading

  • Vietnam 8

    Breakfasted at 6.45am and met by our guide as we left the elevator at 7.50am. For the first time we have company on our excursion, a Portuguese couple who presently live in London, one a doctor and the other an engineer. it is their last day in Vietnam and they fly back to the UK… Continue Reading

  • Cambodia 4

    Late into breakfast at 7.15am. No Asian nonsense consumed this morning, good old British fayre, though the French did get a look in with their toast. The rest of the morning was taken up with last-minute adjustments of the baggage, a shower and laying on the bed watching the National Geographic channel. What Sue doesn’t… Continue Reading

  • Cambodia 3

    We met our driver for the day at 8 am, after having another full breakfast and a good nights sleep. Today we were planning on visiting Tonle Sap, which is Cambodia’s largest lake. At present it is the dry season, great for visiting Temples but probably not for visiting any water feature. We had been… Continue Reading

  • Cambodia 2

    Breakfast of curry today, and went down well. In full daylight we now understood why our room seemed so large and also such a plush balcony, we had been upgraded again, to one of the best suites on the top floor. I find that Asians are a good judge of social standing. We had booked… Continue Reading

  • Cambodia 1

    For a change we woke at the decadently late time of 7.15pm! The communist workers of Vietnam already out grafting in the fields would be shocked to learn of such western bourgeoise practises. In spite of our late awakening we were still one of the very first into breakfast. First task of the day was… Continue Reading

  • Vietnam 7

    Another early start. Breakfasted and in the taxi to ‘My Son’ (pronounced meeson), by 8am. After just over an hour travelling we were in the mountains and parked in this World Heritage Site. It was another very hot day, temperature 37 degrees! Leaving our driver in the car park we walked along the track leading… Continue Reading

  • Vietnam 6

    Our alarm system began ringing us at 2.26am. Soon after Charlotte sent a text saying the system was also ringing her.After some emailed instructions and a further text from Charlotte saying that it had been sorted by Suraj, I turned off my mobile and was about to return to sleep when Sarah Skyped meĀ on my… Continue Reading

  • Vietnam 5 (Alarms & Stranded!)

    At precisely 1.16am this morning I received a text from Charlotte. The house alarm had been triggered by Jamie and he couldn’t turn it off. A flurry of texts were then exchanged giving instructions and around 1.30am I sent a text and turned it off myself before sinking back into my nice, comforting, unalarming pillow.… Continue Reading