This blog was started in June 2007 as a record of important events and experiences of the ever-widening Palmer clan: David, Susan, Charlotte, Suraj, Lucas, Ellis, Harry (dog), Sarah, Lee, Alice, Archie, Mia (dog), Jamie, Ruth, Joey, Wilma (rabbit), Rocky (dog) and Nala (dog).

Not all that we get up to appears on these pages and as the author, I don’t apologise for occasionally digressing from a description of our activities by commenting on issues beyond that of the family which I feel a need to remark on.

As time passes and memories fade, I hope that the words written here will be a fond reminder and brief snapshot of the lives of those who appear on these pages.

* For brevity, Charlotte, Suraj, Lucas and Ellis are often referred to as the Rothwells. Sarah, Lee and Alice are collectively called the Newbold Verdons. Jamie, Ruth and Joey are the Walthams.

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David Palmer

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