• Time to put a coat on.

    One of the Brits who owns a house in the village arrived on Saturday and as predicted by David the weather changed for the worse when they arrived. It appears that they come several times each year and when they do the weather responds appropriately. Prior to their arrival we were having hot sunny days… Continue Reading

  • Snippets

    Visiting David means working on several projects that he has thought up over the summer. Sorting out the collapsed walk ways around the pool is priority, followed by finishing the barn roof that was erected by a couple of Bulgarians, then replacing the kitchen ceiling which part has fallen down. In the past it has been… Continue Reading

  • Playing with Banjo

    Curry Night on the Friday (5th) was without Sarah  who was now back at Uni and with Ellis managing to keep the contents of his stomach within himself  (last week he threw up over Charlotte just as they were leaving). Jamie had been given a pay rise and he had received a bonus of £300 for getting an order… Continue Reading

  • Wanderings

    Things have quietened down a bit, and a modicum of normality has  returned. Jobs are getting done around the house (in readiness for the winter), the balcony has been stripped and repainted, the hedges/trees have been trimmed and lopped. As a Fiesta cannot carry as much as a Stilo Estate, the number of trips to the dump… Continue Reading