• Greenland 4

    (27th June) Sea Day We woke to another bright, sunny day but the sea conditions were rough with white tops to the waves making it difficult to gauge whether we were surrounded by the largest pod of whales on the planet or it was just wishful thinking. The wind was bitterly cold, making for an… Continue Reading

  • Greenland 3

    (25th June) Reykjavik The Ambience eased into her berth in the port of Reykjavik a little after 6 am. It was a glorious, sunny morning, thin wispy clouds scudded high above grey mountains spattered white with the residue of winter. It felt like it was going to be a good day. We breakfasted for 7… Continue Reading

  • Greenland 2

    (23rd June) Sea Day We have left the protection of the North Sea and are now heading towards Iceland through the North Atlantic Ocean where the seas are more turbulent. We woke to a 1.5m swell causing a rocking motion which triggered Sue into acquiring a couple of (free) sickness tablets from reception. Thankfully, throughout… Continue Reading

  • Greenland 1

    (21st June) Embarkation Day We had three days to get ourselves sorted for our next adventure to the largest island in the world and not very accurately named Greenland. Besides catching up with the many domestic chores, we had to pass an antigen Lateral Flow Test and upload the result to gain access to the… Continue Reading

  • Madagascar 6

    (14th June) Our room had a damp musty smell and on an investigation by Sue discovered that the bungalows had been flooded to half a metre in depth by the last cyclone. Nonetheless, we slept well though Sue was still having tummy issues despite now having antibiotics. It was raining when after breakfast at 8… Continue Reading

  • Madagascar 5

    (12th June) Sue was still not well and was not looking forward to the day’s very long drive north when we woke at 5 am. We were not the first to breakfast at 6 am and it did arrive in sufficient time to board the coach by 7 am. Yet again as we re-entered the… Continue Reading

  • Madagascar 4

    (10th June) Today we left Ranohira and headed towards the beautiful coastal town of Ifaty at around 8.30 am. Unfortunately, Sue had eaten something and had contracted a mild dose of food poisoning which manifested itself during the night. However, by the morning, after showering she felt well enough to face a long bus journey.… Continue Reading

  • Madagascar 3

    (7th June) It wasn’t quite such an early start today, we left the hotel at 8 am on our way to one of the largest cities on the island, Fianarantsoa. It was described as a 4.5-hour drive, yet we didn’t arrive at the hotel until 6 pm. We began the journey with a tour of… Continue Reading

  • Madagascar 2

    Other than the gentle noise of surf on soft white sand, a good night’s sleep was aided by complete silence. Breakfast at 7.10 am saw us one of the first into the restaurant and the fayre was the best we have had so far, the only issue being the rectangular slabs of butter catching many… Continue Reading